Thai Last Names – Why They’re So Weird

Why are Thai Last Names So Strange and Long?


Not only are they weird, but they are also ridiculously long. Why is this? Why are Thai last names so intricate and varied? And why on earth are they so hard to pronounce? If you’re curious to know just WHY, then read on.

Thai Last Names
Thai Last Names


Why Thai Last Names Are So Weird

Unlike other cultures and countries around the world that have popular or common surnames, Thailand does not. There is a very good reason for this. In Thailand, it is not culturally or socially normal to have a surname shared by a large number of people. Chances are, if your surname matches with someone else, you’re related.

So you can see why they get so long. If so many last names are required to be unique, you’ve got to get a little creative…and lengthen the name as much as possible. This significantly decreases the chance that there is someone else out there that shares your last name.


What Do Thai Surnames Mean?

Thai surnames are a string of good meaning words and phrases strung together to create a long, complex and meaningful last name. Each surname is unique to the individual, and created especially for them.

So, if you ever come across someone with a Thai last name, just ask them to break it down for you. Chances are, they’ll be more than happy to oblige, and you’ll learn something new about them.


Did You Know…?

You might also find that both the given name and the surname aren’t really used. Along with extremely complex last names, Thai people have some…interesting nicknames that they are known by. More likely than not, you might never know the actual given name of a Thai individual.

This is because most times they are only ever addressed by a nickname that is given to them. In Thailand, you can have known a person for years, and still not know their given name. How crazy is that?


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