Spanish Girl Names – Best Spanish Names For Girls

Spanish Girl Names – Best Spanish Names For Girls


Spanish girl names are full of cheerfulness and charm, with their singing accents that roll off the tongue. They have beautiful meanings and are found all over the globe in the many Hispanic countries.

If you’re looking for the perfect Spanish girl name for your little angel, look no further. Whether you want to pay homage to your origins or just want to include your love for Spain, you can discover the most beautiful Spanish names for girls, right here!

Spanish Girl Names
Spanish Girl Names


Spanish Girl Names and Their Origin

Listed below are the most popular Spanish names for girls, with their origin and popularity.


This little name comes from the Latin term “lux”, that is to say “light”. It leads the ranking of the most used female names in Spain.


This little name comes from a Latin term, meaning “white” in Latin, but it designates dawn in Spanish.


It is the Hispanic version of Chimene. This name has been in fashion in Spain for several decades, when it was previously shunned.


In Spain, this first name sees life big. However, it is derived from the Latin “paulus” which means “small”.


This first name sees life in pink in Spain. He has recently become one of the favorite names of Felipe VI subjects. Like Laia, it is awarded to some 1,300 girls a year. The Spanish Statistical Office identifies nearly 10,000 Vega in the country.


Of Hebrew origin, Noa is derived from the first name Noah. The little name is acclaimed by the Spanish and rose to the national top 20 with around 2,500 births.


This Spanish female name has gained its letters of nobility. 1,200 Aitana are born every year. It has charming ambassadors, like the Spanish singer Aitana Ocena Morales.


This name, of Latin origin, evokes the laurel wreath in Latin. It has established itself in several countries in the Mediterranean basin, including Spain. It has been successful for several decades. Today, the name is assigned to 1,270 girls per year.


It is a name of Latin origin which appeared during Antiquity. It echoes the sea. With nearly 950 births a year, the little name is now part of the top 100 of the names most attributed to Spanish babies.


This Basque first name is more common today in Spain than in the past. With 840 births per year, it even ranks in the top 100 first names. The country has about 48,500 Ainhoa, whose average age is 17 years old.


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