Scottish Boy Names – Best Scottish Names For Boys

Scottish Boy Names – Best Scottish Names For Boys


Full of creative, individualistic, and straight up amazing names, Scottish boy names are some of the best out there. These names are not only popular in Scotland, but can be found all over the globe. Scottish names for boys are loved worldwide.

Your search for the best Scottish male names stops here. We have gathered for you some of the best Scottish boy names. We hope you enjoy discovering your perfect name!

Scottish Boy Names
Scottish Boy Names


Scottish Boy Names

Listed below, are the finest Scottish names for boys. We have placed them alphabetically for your ease.


Scottish Boy Names Starting With A

Amhlaidh – The Norse meaning of this name is “ancestor.”

Anrai – Irish origin name meaning “Rules the home.”

Aonghas – Gaelic name meaning “one.”

Arran – Of Hebrew origin meaning, Lofty, exalted, high mountain.


Boy Names Starting With B

Boyd – Scottish and Irish name.


Boy Names Starting With C

Callum – Meaning is Dove

Cameron – Crooked

Coinneach – It comes from the Gaelic word for handsome which is “caoin.”

Colin –  Victory of the people


Boy Names Starting With D

Douglas – The first name Douglas originates from the Gaelic first name Dubhglas.

Douglass – Stream

Dubhghlas – Black stream

Duff – Dark skinned

Dugald – Dark stranger

Duncan – Duncan is derived from the Gaelic given name Donnchad.


Boy Names Starting With E

Eideard – Popularity

Eilert – Derived from the German words “agil” which means “weapon,” and “hard

Eliot – The name Eliot originates from the Hebrew name Eliyahu.

Eliott – The Anglo-Saxon given name Eliott originates from the Hebrew name Eliyahu.

Ellar – Cellar

Elliot – Elliot is derived from the Hebrew given name Eliyahu.

Euan – ‘Born of the yew’


Boy Names Starting With F

Findlay – A variant of the Gaelic name Finlay, which is an Irish surname meaning ‘fair-haired courageous one’

Fingal –  Derived from fionn “white, fair” and gall “stranger”

Fingall – “White, fair” and gall “Stranger”

Fionnghall – “Gift from god

Forbes – Wealthy or stubborn

Frang – Frank

Fraser –Strawberry flowers

Frazier –  Of the forest men


Boy Names Starting With G

Glenn – Glenn is a Gaelic given name.


Boy Names Starting With H

Harry – The name Harry comes from the German name Haimric.


Boy Names Starting With I

Ian – The name Ian comes from the Hebrew name Yehohanan.


Boy Names Starting With J

Jack – The name Jack is derived from the Hebrew name Ya’aqov.

James – The given name James is of British, Welsh or Gaelic style, but its origin is Hebrew.


Boy Names Starting With K

Kenny – The first name Kenny comes from the Celtic first name Cainnech.

Killian – The first name Killian comes from the Gaelic first name Cillian.

Kyle – The first name Kyle has Celtic origins.


Boy Names Starting With L

Lewis – Lewis is an English speaking name derived from Germanic.

Logan – The first name Logan has its roots in the Celtic origins of the word “llug”.


Boy Names Starting With M

Malcolm – Malcolm is a Celtic given name.


Boy Names Starting With N

Neil – The name Neil is derived from the Greek name Helenê.


Boy Names Starting With R

Ronald –  Derived from the Germanic given name Raginwald.


Boy Names Starting With S

Scott – This given name has an Anglo-Saxon root. This name means in Old English.


Scottish Names For Boys Starting With W

Walter – The first name Walter originates from the Germanic name Waldhari.


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