Scandinavian Girl Names – Scandinavian Names For Girls

Scandinavian Girl Names – Scandinavian Names For Girls


The term, Scandinavia, refers to the countries Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Therefore, this article which lists some beautiful Scandinavian girl names, is a collection of these countries names.

Finding the perfect name for your little angel can be a tough job, especially when there’s so much choice out there! We have tried to make your job a little easier, by compiling a list of the best Scandinavian names. We hope you find this collection of Scandinavian names for girls, of some help!

Scandinavian Girl Names
Scandinavian Girl Names


Scandinavian Girl Names and Meaning

Listed below are some Scandinavian names for girls along with their origin and meaning. We have also listed the names alphabetically for your ease.


Scandinavian Girl Names Starting With A

Anja – Anja is a female given name of Greek origin, meaning “messenger”.

Anouk – The name Anouk originates from the Hebrew name Hannah.

Anya – Anya is a female given name of Russian origin, but it is also used in Scandinavian countries and Slovenia. In Russian, Anya means “grace”.

Astride – The name Astride comes from the ancient Scandinavian term Astrithr.

Aude – The first name Aude comes from Germanic ald meaning “old”.


Scandinavian Names For Girls Starting With B

Berangere – From the German ber, ‘the bear’ and gari, ‘the spear’.


Girl Names Starting With D

Dahlia – Dahlia, inspired by Dahl (Swedish botanist to whom we owe the name of the flower), is a name of Scandinavian origin.

Dalia – Originally, the first name “Dalia” came from the surname “Dahl”. This is the name of a Swedish botanist, Anders Dahl.

Déa – Déa is a Nordic female given name which means goddess.


Girl Names Starting With E

Elmina – Elmina means “the one who decides” in Danish.

Elsa – The name Elsa comes from the Hebrew name Elisheba.

Elyna – The name Elyna comes from the Hebrew name Eliyahu.

Erika – Germanic “aina”, uniqueness, and “ric”, powerful.

Erna – The first name of Scandinavian origin, Erna translates to “one with great abilities”.


Girl Names Starting With G

Gala – Gala is a female given name of Scandinavian origin. In the Scandinavian languages, gala means “song” or “celebration”.

Galla – In the Scandinavian language, the first name Galla means song or celebration. In Irish, it means valiant or heroic.


Girl Names Starting With H

Helmi – Of Germanic and Scandinavian origin, Helmi means “protection”, or “helmet”. It can also mean “the one who dominates the waves”.

Hermande – Hermande is made up of the terms “hard” and “man” meaning “hard man” or “joyful army”.

Hermantine – This is probably a derivative of the Germanic given name Hardmann, but more feminine.


Girl Names Starting With I

Ingrid – Ingrid comes from the two Germanic terms, Germanic ‘ing’ meaning “filiation”, and ‘fridh’ meaning “beautiful”, or “loved”.

Inna – Inna can be considered a first name of Scandinavian origin. However, its proper root is the first name “ing”, the name of a Scandinavian god.

Ivanka – Ivanka is a female given name from the Hebrew “Yohänan” meaning “Iavhé is merciful”.

Illana – Illana is the female equivalent of the Hebrew male given name Ilan, meaning “tree”.


Girl Names Starting With J

Johanna – The first name Johanna comes from the Hebrew first name Yehohanan.


Girl Names Starting With K

Kia – In English, Kia is short for Kiana. In the Scandinavian version, this first name is the diminutive of Kristiana.

Kirsten – Scandinavian form of Christine, from the Latin Christianus. This name means “partisan of Christ”.


Girl Names Starting With L

Linda – Linda is a first name of Germanic origin. It can be the diminutive of Mélinda or Bélinda.

Liv – The name Liv is a Scandinavian name from Old Norse, the medieval Scandinavian language. It can also come from Latin as a short-form of the word ‘Olivia’.

Léna – The first name Léna comes from the Greek first name Helénê.


Girl Names Starting With M

Mathilda – The first name Mathilda is a derivative of the Germanic first name Mathild.

Mona – The name Mona is an international name of Greek origin.


Girl Names Starting With S

Solvei/Solvey – Derived from Solveig. Germanic ‘sol’, sun, and ‘veig’, strength, power.

Solveig – Germanic soil, “sun”, and veig, “force, power”.


Girl Names Starting With T

Tatiana – Tatiana is of Latin origin, and it is the female version of Tatius, King of the Sabins.

Thea – This is a female given name, and it is of Greek origin.

Tida – Derived from Tilda, which comes from the German terms hlod and hilde meaning “glory” and “combat”.


We hope you enjoyed reading about the best Scandinavian names for girls. If you did, go and check out more of our articles on this site!

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