60 Best Samoan Last Names With Meanings

Best Samoan Last Names and Meanings


Polynesia refers to the Islands within the Polynesian Triangle. This includes both Hawaii and Samoa. Therefore, Samoan last names are closely linked to Hawaiian last names.

As such, this article contains both Samoan and Hawaiian last names as they are part of a close cluster of Islands in Polynesia.

We have gathered together for you a mixture of the many Polynesian Surnames. Enjoy!

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Samoan Last Names

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Polynesian, Samoan Last Names and Meanings

Listed below are some Samoan/Polynesian last names and some of their meanings.

Akina – Hawaiian origin

Akiona – Hawaiian origin

Ausage  – Derived from the given name Ausage.

Avelino – Spanish form of Avellino.

Beeber – A Samoan last name.

Ey – Samoan surname

Faletulu – Samoan surname

Gilchrist – Samoan surname

Hauata – Polynesian surname

Henare – Derived from the English given name Henry.

Hoapili – A Hawaiian surname meaning “attached to the bosom”(Someone who is very close)

Ioane – A variation of John.

Kaaka –  Originated from New Zealand town, Te Kao.

Ka’ana’ana – Black magic

Kahananui – From the given name Kahananui.

Kahue – From the given name Kahue.

Kalawai’a – From the given name Kalawaiʻa.

Kamaka – From the given name Kamaka.

Kekoa – Hawaiian surname from the given name Kekoa.

Lahela – Hawaiian version of Rachel.

Mahi’ai – Mahi meaning “farm”, and ai meaning “food.”

Misipeka – A rare Samoan surname.

Ngata – Maori surname.

Opunui – From the given name Oponui.

Paewai – Maori meaning “driftwood”.

Parata – From a transliteration of the English word “brother”

Pohano – Wheezy

Rameka-waapu – A Maori Mythological creature

Seufale – Seufale is a name used in Samoa but is also used in other countries by Samoan people.

Tanielu – Samoan surname From the given name Daniel.

Teriyong – Polynesian last name.

Tetuanui – Polynesian last name.

Tilo – Samoan surname.

Too – Samoan surname.

Topasna – Polynesian surname.

Wero – To cast a spear.


Other Samoan Surnames:

Here are some more uniquely Samoan last names for you to check out.

  1. Tuputala
  2. Afakasi
  3. Falagi
  4. Sale
  5. Mapu
  6. Tasi
  7. Leaupepe
  8. Lemanea
  9. Letoa
  10. Lima
  11. Sefo
  12. Siliva
  13. Auva’a
  14. Paea
  15. Salesa
  16. Naea
  17. Matua
  18. Euta
  19. Sosene
  20. Vainu’upo
  21. Tagaloalagi
  22. Lefao
  23. Malala
  24. Tofilau
  25. Alesana


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