Russian Girl Names – Common Russian Names For Girls

Russian Girl Names: Most Beautiful Names


Destination Russia! The female first names, from this immense country, are beautiful. Lena, short for Elena, is a hit, but also Anastasia and Nina to a lesser extent. It must be said that the little Russian names are charming and sweet. Some have had their heyday in the past, like Olga, Marina or Natacha. Others are to (re) discover, such as Ivana or Nikita. Here is a selection of cute Russian Girl Names to give your baby.

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Russian girl names
Russian girl names


List Of The Most Beautiful Russian Names For Girls

Here is a list of the most beautiful Russian names for girls.



This first name has controversial origins. It is widespread in Russia and eastern Europe, but also in Spain. It could be a Russian diminutive of Anne or Antonina.



This name is very successful in Russia, but it is also appreciated in Greece. It is inspired by the Greek term “anastasia”, meaning “to get up” or “born again”.



This short name is on the rise. Of Russian (and also Breton and Germanic) origin. Lena is also the name of a Russian river in Siberia. Variants: Lehna, Leina or Lenna.



“God made grace”, that is the meaning of this adorable first name. His two “a” propels him to the top of the Russian charts.



This first name is very popular in Orthodox countries, especially in Russia.  Emperor Nicholas II had a daughter, the Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikoleevna.



This first name originates from the Greek name Eirene. which means “peace”. It is very common in the Slavic countries, but also in Romania and Finland.


Oxana and Oksana:

These two first names of Greek origin are very popular in Russia. Women of knowledge, the Oksana love to enjoy their independence. The Oxana, for their part, are not cold in the eyes and like to lead.



This first name  means “day of birth” in Latin. Delicate and organized, the Natacha love to communicate.



This first name is very widespread in Slavic countries. Ivana Trump, former supermodel and first wife of US President Donald Trump, popularized this name. This name comes from the Hebrew expression “God made grace”.



This typically Russian and Czech given name means “love”.  Its Lyuba variant also appeals to many parents in Russia.


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