Russian Boy Names – Best Russian Names For Boys

Russian Boy Names: A Beautiful Name Collection


Destination Russia! Male names from this huge country are hugely appealing worldwide. It must be said that these Russian boy names are charming and sweet. Some have had their heyday in the past, like Dimitri, Ivan or Boris. Others are to be (re) discovered, such as Youri or Vadim. In this article we will share the best Russian boy names with you.


Russian boy names
Russian boy names


Best Russian Names For Boys:

Here is a fantastic collection of Russian boy names for you to check out!



This first name is originally the diminutive form of the Russian form of Alexander. It comes from the Greek expression “he who protects men”. The playwright Sacha Guitry made him known in his time. Today, it is highlighted by actor Sacha Baron Cohen.

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This first name comes from the Hebrew expression “God forgive”. It is the Slavic form of the first name John. Several Russian princes and tsars were so named, including the famous Ivan the Terrible.



This first name comes from the old first name Stanislaw, meaning “to stand up” and “glory”. He is of Polish origin, but has established himself well in Russia and other Slavic countries.



This first name is a Germanic form of Antoine. A small name which originates from Anthonomos, meaning “priceless flower”. It is widespread in Russia and in the other Slavic countries, but also in the countries of Germanic culture.



This first name originates from the Germanic first name Ingvar. It is very common in Russia. Saint Igor was a monk, and previously prince of Kiev in the 12th century.



This first name is derived from the Slavic first name Borislav, meaning “to fight for glory”. Popular in Russia, it spread to Europe after the 1917 revolution. Russian novelist Boris Pasternak and Boris Yeltsin, first president of the Russian Federation, contributed to its popularity.



This first name comes from Slavic terms, meaning “glorious reign”. It is very widespread in Russia and in the other Slavic countries, like Ukraine or Belarus.


This name has been very popular in Russia for a long time. Its origins date back to the 4th century and are controversial. It could come from the Slavic term “volod”, translated by “rule” or “authority”. But some claim that it comes from the Persian word “badians”, which means “anise”.



In Latin, this first name means “to serve”. This is the Russian version of Serge.



Slavic form of Alexander (“defense of humanity”, in Greek), this first name won the votes of many Russian parents.



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