40 Best Romanian Last Names With Meanings

The Most Popular Romanian Last Names


Romanian last names are traditionally patronymic, meaning they are taken after the fathers name. As such, they commonly use suffixes that denote the origin of the name. Patronymic surnames will end in -escu, meaning “son of.” Other Romanian suffixes include; -ăscu, -eanu, -anu, -an, -aru, -atu, or -oiu. These Romanian suffixes identify ancestral nationality. Romanian last names also have a strong Slavic influence and quite a few of them are of Slavic origin.

Of all Romanian surnames the most popular of them is Popa, meaning Priest. (Popescu is a variation of this popular last name, meaning son of the Priest.) We have put together the most common Romanian surnames along with their meaning and/or origin.

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Romanian Last Names
Romanian Last Names


Most Popular Romanian Surnames With Meanings

Below are the most popular Romanian surnames in alphabetical order. The meanings are also included for you to get a better understanding od their origin.

Albescu – White

Albu – Also derived from the word ‘alb,’ which means ‘white’ in Romanian.

Aldea – Village

Andrei – Romanian version of Andrew.

Ardelean – Derived from ‘Ardeal,’ the Romanian name for the region of Transylvania.

Baciu – Shepard

Balan – Blonde. Balan is also a town in Romania.

Barbaneagra – Black Beard

Barbu – Bushy Beard

Bogdan – God given, or Gift of God.

Botezatu – Baptized

Bucur – Happiness, Delight, Joy

Cel Tradat – The Betrayed

Ciobanu – Shepard (Occupational Name)

Cojocaru – Sheepskin

Creţu – Curly (haired)

Dalca – Lightning

Dascălu – Teacher, Schoolmaster (Occupational name)

Erner – Serbian

Fieraru – Smith (Occupational name)

Fischer – German word for ‘fisherman.’

Floarea – Flower

Funar – Rope Maker (Occupational name)

Gheata – Ice

Grosu – Thick, Coarse, Bulky

Ioveanu – Son of Ivan.

Luca – Romanian version of Luke.

Lupu – Wolf

Maier/Mayer – Farmer (Occupational name)

Muller – Miller (Occupational name)

Nectaria – Nectar

Popa – Priest, Pastor

Radu – Happy

Roşu – Red

Stefan – Stephen

Suta – Left-handed

Tarniceriu – Saddler (Occupational name)

Ungureanu – Hungarian

Vulpe – Fox

Weber – German origin meaning weaver. (Occupational name)

Zamfir – Sapphire, name for a jeweler (Occupational name)

Zugravescu – Portray, Depict



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