Roman Names For Boys and Girls

Roman Names For Boys and Girls


Are you thinking of giving your bundle of joy, a Roman name? If so, our list of Roman names for girls and boys is going to help you out immensely.

While some parents are clear that they are going to give their baby a classic name, others prefer the names that are more modern. Some parents are inspired by rare and original names, that are unique and one of a kind.

Among so many options when it comes to finding the ideal name for your child, there are Roman names, which have their origins in Latin. These names, despite being used as far back as in Ancient Rome, are still quite popular.

Take look at the most popular Roman names for girls and boys, below.

Roman Names For Boys and Girls
Roman Names For Boys and Girls


Roman Names For Boys

Here are a list of Roman names for boys, with their meanings.

Adrián: means the one that comes from the Adriatic Sea.

Augustine: refers to a man who is revered.

Alair: referring to the one who has wings.

Amador: the one who lavishes love.

Amancio: the one who loves God.

Augustus: the one who deserves fame, the revered one.

Aurelio: refers to that golden.

Benicio: referring to a man who rides a horse.

Candid: means the pure.

Cayetano: referring to a natural man from Gaeta.

Cecilio: means “blind”.

Claudio: refers to one who limps.

Clemente: means “compassionate”.

Constantius: refers to a persevering man.

Constantine: also related to perseverance.

Cristian: relating to a man of Christian belief.

Dacio: referring to an inhabitant of the city of Dacia.

Diego: means “educated”.

Emilio: the one who works with effort.

Ezio: the one with the aquiline nose.

Fabián: the one who grows beans.

Felix: means “happy”.

Fermín: means “firm”.

Florencio: referring to one who is beautiful as a flower.

Genaro: the one who was born in January.

Horacio: the one dedicated to the divinities.

Leonardo: Refers to a strong man as a lion.

Leonel: is a variant of León.

Lucas : the one that shines.

Luciano: the light bearer.

Lucio: referring to the one who was born during the day.

Marcelino: means “small hammer”.

Marcos: referring to a man who works with the hammer.

Mario: relating to a man of the sea.

Mauricio: The one with the dark complexion.

Nemesio: means “justice”.

Octavio: referring to the eighth child in the family.

Oliver: refers to the one who brings peace.

Pablo: relative to small, the one of small stature.

Patricio: means “of noble lineage”.

Renato: the one who is reborn.

Renzo: is a diminutive of Lorenzo.

Roman: referring to the one who was born in Rome.

Romeo: man who comes from Rome.

Salvador: the one who came to save.

Silvestre: referring to a man from the jungle.

Titian: that great and strong.

Titus: means “defender”.

Ulysses: means “indignant”.

Valentino: is a variant of Valentine.

Valeriano: referring to a robust and healthy man.

Vicente: means “winner”.

Victor: means “winner.”


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Roman Names For Girls

Below are a list of Roman names for girls, with their meanings.

Adriana: referring to a woman from the sea.

Africa: that girl who is exposed to the sun.

Agustina: referring to a woman consecrated by good luck.

Aída: the one who comes from a distinguished family.

Alba: means “dawn”.

Alma: who gives life.

Amanda: that she must be loved.

Amber: referring to a precious stone.

Amparo: woman who provides protection.

Angelica: referring to a woman sent from heaven.

Antonella: Italian variant of Antonia, meaning “flower”.

Araceli: means “altar from heaven”.

Aurelia: Relating to a woman who is of great value, like gold.

Aurora: that bright and shining woman.

Ayesha: means “star”.

Azalea: means “dry land”.

Beatriz: lucky woman, who brings joy.

Belisa: relating to the slimmer woman.

Bruna: feminine of Bruno, which means “with a dark complexion”.

Brunela: woman with dark complexion.

Camelia: relative to the name of the flower.

Camila: Relating to a wild young woman who took part in the fight against Aeneas.

Candela: refers to a candle, the one that shines.

Carina: beloved woman, who is appreciated.

Carolina: woman who is free from feudal ties.

Cecilia: means “blind”.

Celene: means “night light”.

Light blue : refers to the color of the sky.

Celia: that woman who came from heaven.

Clara: means “transparent”.

Clementine: a woman full of grace.

Constance: means “perseverance”.

Consolation: the one that consoles.

Coralia: means “maiden”.

Dabria: means “angel”.

Daila: beautiful woman like a flower.

Daina: variant of Diana, goddess of the hunt.

Dalma: variant of Dalmatia.

Dayanara: means divine, brilliant.

Dulcinea: woman who has sweetness.

Eliana: referring to a woman belonging to the sun.

Elvia: the one with blonde hair.

Emilia: means “ambitious”.

Fabiana: woman who grows beans.

Flavia : referring to the reddish yellow color.

Flora: means “sprout” or “germinate”.

Florinda: referring to the flourishing one.

Gala: natural woman from Gaul.

Gemma: means “jewel”.

Glory: means “fame”.

Hilaria: the one who likes parties.

Iliana: the one who is pregnant.

Immaculate: referring to the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary.

Julia: a youthful, jovial, young woman.

Justina: that she is fair and intelligent.

Kira: means “light”.

Laura: means “victorious”.

Lavinia: the one who is originally from Rome.

Leandra: referring to being strong as a lioness.

Lidia: woman originally from Asia.

Liliana: refers to the lily flower.

Lucia: related to light.

Malena: composed form of María and Elena.

Marcela: feminine form of Marcelo, which comes from “mar” and “heaven”.

Margarita: refers to a beautiful woman as a pearl.

Maricel: union of the names María and Celia.

Marina: woman who loves the sea.

Martina: derived from Mars, who is the god of war.

Miranda: means “wonderful”.

Nila: that which comes from the Nile.

Nimi: means “ambitious”.

Olivia: who protects peace.

Patricia: means “noble woman”.

Rosella: that is pretty like a rose.

Sabina: who belongs to the Sabina tribe.

Stela: variant of Star.

Serena: that brings calm.

Silvia: relative to the jungle, it is a variant of Silvana.

Ursula: woman who is funny like a little bear.

Valentina: means “strong and healthy”.

Venus: name relative to the goddess of love.

Vera: the one who seeks truth and faith.


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