100 Roman Last Names With Origin and Meanings

Roman Last Names – Origin and Meanings


Roman last names, also known as a Congnomen, were one of 3 parts of a Roman individuals name. More often than not, these last names (Congnomen) were descriptive, referring to a character trait or physical descriptor of a person. Like a lot of languages around the globe, congnomina (last names) may have fallen into a few categories. These are as follows;


These names were given on the basis of the occupation of the name holder or the name holder’s ancestors. Bubulcus, for example, meaning cattle-driver.

Geographical/Place of Origin

These names referred to the place a person came from. For example, Campanus, meaning man from Campania.


The majority of congnomina (last names) referred to an individuals character or a trait. These could point out physical features, and more often than not, could be quite offensive. This was because this congnomen usually came from a nickname.


On ocassion, an individual might have achieved something great. This called for an honorific surname in recognition of what they had achieved, and was given to them by others. An example of such a name would be Brittanicus meaning victor over the British.


Roman Last Names


List Of Roman Surnames (Congnomina)

Below we have listed the male and female form of the Roman surnames, along with their meanings.

Male Form Of Surname Female Form of Surname Meaning of Surname (Congnomina)
Aculeo Aculeo Prickly, unfriendly
Agricola Agricola Farmer
Agrippa Agrippa Born feet first
Ahala Ahala Armpit
Ahenobarbus Ahenobarba With a red beard
Albinus Albina Pale, white
Albus Alba White or fair-skinned
Ambustus Ambusta Burnt, scalded
Annalis Annalis Relating to years
Aquila Aquila Eagle
Aquilinus Aquilina Eagle-like
Arvina Arvina Fat, lard
Asellio Asellio Keeper of donkeys
Asina Asina Female donkey
Atellus Atella Dark-haired or dark skinned
Avitus Avita Grandfatherly
Balbus Balba Stutterer
Barba Barba A beard
Barbatus Barbata Bearded
Bassus Bassa Plump
Bestia Bestia Like an animal
Bibaculus Bibacula Drunkard
Bibulus Bibula Drunkard
Blaesus Blaesa Someone who mispronounces words, slurs his speech, stammers, or lisps
Brocchus Broccha Toothy
Brutus Bruta Stupid, dull-witted
Bubulcus Bubulca Cattle-driver
Bucco Bucco Fool, dolt
Bulbus Bulba Bulb, onion
Buteo Buteo Buzzard
Caecus Caeca Blind
Caepio Caepio Onion-seller
Caesar Caesar Hairy
Calidus Calida Hot-headed, rash
Calvinus Calvina From cognomen Calvus
Calvus Calva Bald
Camillus Camilla A child who helps during sacrifices
Caninus Canina Dog-like
Canus Cana Golden-haired or grey-haired
Capito Capito Big-headed
Carbo Carbo Charcoal
Cato Cato Shrewd, prudent
Catulus Catula Puppy, whelp
Celer Celeris Quick
Celsus Celsa Tall
Cicero Cicero Chick pea
Cicurinus Cicurina Mild, gentle
Cilo Cilo Large forehead or large lips
Cincinnatus Cincinnata Curly-haired
Cordus Corda Born late
Cornicen Cornicen Military bugler
Cornutus Cornuta Horned
Corvinus Corvina Crow-like
Corvus Corva Crow
Cossus Cossa From archaic praenomen Cossus
Costa Costa A rib
Crassipes Crassipes Club-footed
Crassus Crassa Fat
Crispinus Crispina Curly-haired
Crispus Crispa Curly-haired
Culleo Culleo Leather sack for carrying liquid
Curio Curio Priest of a Curia
Cursor Cursor Runner, courier
Curvus Curva Stooping, bent
Dentatus Dentata Toothy
Denter Dentra Toothy
Dento Dento Toothy
Dives Dives Rich, wealthy
Dolabella Dolabella Hatchet
Dorsuo Dorsuo Large back
Figulus Figula Potter
Fimbria Fimbria Edge of clothing, fringes
Flaccus Flacca Floppy ears
Flavus Flava Blonde-haired
Florus Flora Light-coloured or blooming
Fronto Fronto Prominent forehead
Fullo Fullo A fuller or launderer
Fusus Fusa From archaic praenomen Fusus
Galeo Galeo Helmet
Gemellus Gemella A twin
Glabrio Glabrio A relative of Glaber
Gurges Gurges Greedy, prodigal
Habitus Habita In good physical condition
Helva Helva Dun-colored hair
Imperiosus Imperiosa Domineering, dictatorial
Iullus Iulla From archaic praenomen Iullus
Labeo Labeo Prominent lips
Lactuca Lactuca Lettuce
Laenas Laenas A woolly cloak
Lanatus Lanata Wearing wool
Laterensis Laterensis Person from the hill-side
Lentulus Lentula A bit slow
Lepidus Lepida Charming, amusing
Licinus Licina Spiky- or bristly-haired
Longus Longa Tall
Lucullus Luculla From lucus (grove) or Lucius (praenomen)
Lupus Lupa Wolf
Lurco Lurco Gluttonous, greedy
Macer Macra Thin
Macula Macula A spot or blemish
Malleolus Malleola Hammer
Mamercus Mamerca From rare praenomen Mamercus
Marcellus Marcella From praenomen Marcus
Merenda Merenda Light afternoon meal
Mergus Merga Sea-gull
Merula Merula Blackbird
Metellus Metella Army follower
Murena Murena Eel
Mus Mus Mouse or rat
Musca Musca Fly
Nasica Nasica Big-nosed
Naso Naso Big-nosed
Natta Natta An artisan
Nepos Nepos Grandchild
Nero Nero From rare praenomen Nero (“strong”)
Nerva Nerva Vigorous
Niger Nigra Black-skinned or black-haired
Novellus Novella New, new-fangled
Ocella Ocella Small-eyed
Pacilus Pacila From archaic praenomen Pacilus
Paetus Paeta Squinty or blinking
Pansa Pansa Splay-footed
Papus Papa From rare praenomen Papus
Paterculus Patercula Little father
Paullus Paulla Small
Pavo Pavo Peacock
Pera Pera Shoulder-bag
Pictor Pictrix Painter
Piso Piso Mortar
Plancus Planca Flat-footed
Plautus Plauta Flat-footed
Poplicola Poplicola Friend of the people
Postumus Postuma Born after the father’s death
Potitus Potita Probably derived from an archaic praenomen
Praeconinus Praeconina A relative of a herald
Praetextatus Praetextata Young (wearing the toga praetexta)
Priscus Prisca Very ancient
Proculus Procula From rare praenomen Proculus, perhaps meaning “born during father’s absence”
Publicola Publicola Variant of Poplicola
Pulcher Pulchra Attractive
Pullus Pulla Child
Pulvillus Pulvilla Small cushion
Purpureo Purpureo Wearing purple or with a purplish complexion
Quadratus Quadrata Stocky, squarely built
Ralla Ralla A tunic of fine fabric
Regillus Regilla Prince
Regulus Regula Prince
Rufus Rufa Reddish, Ginger-haired
Ruga Ruga Wrinkly
Rullus Rulla Uncultivated, boorish
Rutilus Rutila Reddish-gold hair
Salinator Salinatrix Salt-harvester
Saturninus Saturnina Dedicated to Saturnus
Scaeva Scaeva Left-handed
Scaevola Scaevola Left-handed
Scapula Scapula Shoulder-blade
Scaurus Scaura Lame, swollen-ankled
Scipio Scipio Rod, staff
Scrofa Scrofa Sow
Seneca Seneca Elderly
Severus Severa Strict, severe
Silanus Silana Nose, water-spout
Silo Silo Snub-nosed
Silus Sila Snub-nosed
Stolo Stolo Shoot of a plant
Strabo Strabo Squinty
Structus Structa Possibly derived from an archaic praenomen
Sura Sura Calf of the leg
Taurus Taura Bull
Triarius Triaria A type of soldier
Trigeminus Trigemina A triplet
Trio Trio One of the seven stars of the Plough / Big Dipper
Tubero Tubero Having a tumour or swelling
Tubertus Tuberta Having a tumour or swelling
Tubulus Tubula Little tube
Tuditanus Tuditana Mallet
Tullus Tulla From rare praenomen Tullus
Turdus Turda Thrush
Varro Varro Block-head
Varus Vara Bow-legged
Vatia Vatia Knock-kneed
Verres Verres Pig
Vespillo Vespillo Person employed to bury people too poor for a funeral
Vetus Vetus Old
Vitulus Vitula Calf or young cow
Volusus Volusa From rare praenomen Volusus



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