Polynesian Names: Beautiful Names For Boys and Girls

Polynesian Names: Beautiful Names For Boys and Girls


Are you looking for an exotic and poetic name for your baby? Think of the little names of Polynesia. Charming, they evoke heady perfumes, turquoise waters and fine sand. They are quickly recognized with their ending in “a”, “u” or “i”. They have a beautiful sound. But it is far from being their only asset, because they also have a poetic meaning, like Manua, either “the Bird messenger of happiness”, or Tera, that is to say the “great sun far from Earth”. With them, we are sure to offer a rare pearl to our child. Discover the most beautiful Tahitian and Polynesian names for girls and boys.

Polynesian Names For Girls

Listed below, are are the most beautiful Polynesian names for girls.

Polynesian names for girls
Polynesian names for girls


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This first name comes from a Tahitian legend around the moon. According to it, Princess Hina was born from the meeting between the Sun and the Moon.


This name was popularized by “Vaiana, the Legend of the End of the World”, Disney film released in 2016. It means “water from the cave of the high rock” in Polynesian.


This first name designates a “white bird leaning in the rock holes” in the Polynesian language.


This first name is very poetic. It means “the great sun far from Earth” in Tahitian. A beautiful meaning! In the same vein, the little male names Teraiura and Teraihoanui can be translated as “the red sky” or “the friend of the sky”.


This mixed first name is very lyrical, and can be translated as “crown of heaven”. It comes from the Polynesian terms “hei”, which means “crown”, and “rani”, meaning “sky”.


Moana means “ocean” in Tahitian and “child” in Maori.


This female first name means “sleeping cloud” in Polynesian. A real wonder! In the same genre, the little names Moehau (mixed) and Moehani (female) evoke the “peaceful sleep of the warrior” and the “darling dream”.


In Polynesian, the first name indicates “the star which rises at night”.



This first name can be translated as “little flower” in Polynesian. Because it is associated with the symbolic flower of Tahiti, the Polynesian rose, also called Tiaré Taina, whose delicate aroma is similar to jasmine.


Polynesian Names For Boys

Here are the most beautiful Polynesian names for boys.

Polynesian names for boys
Polynesian names for boys


Here is a short name from Polynesia. It is given to boys, and means “opinion of the man who is a friend of heaven”.


This is a first name of Polynesian origin of the highest caliber. It means “bird”, and is also short for Emmanuel.



Short and mixed, this first name means “king who shared the ocean”. It comes from a Polynesian legend. In the same style, one can opt for the small feminine names Vaearii (“the place of the king”) or Vaetua (“the woman dividing the sea”).


With such a meaning, it’s hard not to fall for this first name! In Polynesian, it means “the bird messenger of happiness”.


This short name designates the “king of dreaming gods” in Marquesan.


The significance of this name is very beautiful, and can be translated as “the cheerful child of the moon”.


This mixed first name evokes the “cave”. In Polynesian culture, it is a place of learning. Heroes and demigods are raised there, according to legend.


The meaning of this sweet Tahitian first name is “bird of the sky”.



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