Polish Girl Names – Best Polish Names For Girls

Polish Girl Names – Best Polish Names For Girls


If you are in search for the perfect Polish girl names, look no further. We have gathered for you some of the most unique and beautiful Polish names for girls, with their meanings.

Go ahead and discover the perfect Polish female name for you!

polish girl names
Polish girl names


Polish Girl Names

Listed below are some of the many Polish names for girls along with their meaning and origin.


Polish Girl Names Starting With A

Anielka – The one that surrounds

Arana – In the Polynesian language, the first name Arana means “the hard-to-find bird’s nest of the apiri tree”.

Augustyna – The One Who Goes On, The One Who Goes

Adelajda – The one who moves forward, the one who charges


Polish Girl Names Starting With B

Boguslawa – The one on whom the world relies

Boleslawa – the one who reigns over heaven and earth

Brygida – The one who discovers the soul of beings and things


Girl Names Starting With C

Cecylia – The woman with secrets

Celestyna – The One Who Goes On, The One Who Goes

Celina – The One Who Reigns on Earth


Girl Names Starting With D

Danuta – The Stinging One

Dobroslawa – The one who wonders

Doloreta – The scent of the Earth

Dorota – the one who reigns over heaven and earth

Dosia – The one who attacks


Girl Names Starting With F

Florentyna – The woman with secrets


Girl Names Starting With G

Gabryjela – The one who wonders

Gabrysia – The Beauty Queen

Grazyna – The one who attacks


Girl Names Starting With H

Hanna – The name Hanna originates from the Hebrew name Hannah. It is popular today in Hungary.

Henrieta – The one who listens

Houmana – Etymologically, the first name Houmana means “sun” in Tahitian.


Girl Names Starting With J

Jaroslawa – The Woman of Silence

Joanna – The name Joanna comes from the Hebrew name Yehohanan.


Girl Names Starting With K

Klara – The first name Klara comes from the Latin name Clara.


Girl Names Starting With M

Malgorzata – The one who carries the wine of life

Marcianna – The one flying over

Maëvane – Maëvane comes from New Caledonia. This name refers to the charm and beauty of distant Pacific islands.

Miroslawa – The Woman of Silence


Girl Names Starting With N

Nadzia – The one who looks, who discovers the world

Natalia – Natalia is a Latin given name.

Nina – Nina is a name of uncertain origin.


Girl Names Starting With S

Salomeja – The woman with secrets

Sylwia – The one with the strength


Girl Names Starting With V

Victoria – The first name Victoria is a female given name derived from the Latin first name Victor.


Girl Names Starting With W

Wieslawa – The one with the lucky star

Wladislawa – The woman with secrets


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