Mermaid Names For Girls: An Exotic Collection With Meanings

Mermaid Names

Mermaid Names For Girls   Mermaid names are beautiful, unique and incredibly stylish. From the traditional mermaid names of Greek mythology, to the modern day movie magic Mermaids, you’re really spoilt for choice. Mermaids are unique creatures with a human body and fish tails instead of legs. Their skin is …

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Austrian Names For Boys and Girls

Austrian Names

Austrian Names For Boys and Girls   In Austria there is a return to tradition in the Austrian names field. Among the female names, enthusiasm for the name Anna, is evident. It remains in the first place of choice for parents in 2013, after having been at the top of …

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Austrian Surnames – Austrian last names and meanings

Austrian Surnames

The Most Popular Austrian Surnames   The most popular  or common Austrian surnames are very similar to those of Germany, and the vast majority are equally popular in Germany. Family names that describe a profession or a place of residence are particularly common in Austria. Job titles would be, for …

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Polynesian Names: Beautiful Names For Boys and Girls

Polynesian names for boys

Polynesian Names: Beautiful Names For Boys and Girls   Are you looking for an exotic and poetic name for your baby? Think of the little names of Polynesia. Charming, they evoke heady perfumes, turquoise waters and fine sand. They are quickly recognized with their ending in “a”, “u” or “i”. …

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Russian Girl Names – Common Russian Names For Girls

Russian girl names

Russian Girl Names: Most Beautiful Names   Destination Russia! The female first names, from this immense country, are beautiful. Lena, short for Elena, is a hit, but also Anastasia and Nina to a lesser extent. It must be said that the little Russian names are charming and sweet. Some have …

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Russian Boy Names – Best Russian Names For Boys

Russian boy names

Exploring Russian Boys’ Names and Middle Names: A Window into Russian Culture   Destination Russia! Male names from this huge country are hugely appealing worldwide. It must be said that these Russian boy names are charming and sweet. Some have had their heyday in the past, like Dimitri, Ivan or …

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Polish Boy Names – Popular Polish Names For Boys

Polish Boy Names

Top Polish Boy Names You Will Love   Polish names are beautiful. At the beginning of the 20th century, the north of France was home to a large number of Polish immigrants. But today, these names of Slavic origin are little attributed, therefore largely original. Only a few artists have …

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List of Angel Names and Their Meaning

Angel Names

Amazing Angel Names – Male and Female Angel Names   In the Bible and other sacred religious books, it is often indicated the presence and appearance of winged beings who come to help men at key moments in their lives, or to teach and guide. Archangels are the direct expression …

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Filipino Last Names and Meanings

Filipino Last Names

Popular Filipino Last Names and Their Origin   If you’ve come across any Filipino last names, you won’t be too hard pressed to notice that the majority of them are of Spanish origin. Have you ever wondered why? The short answer is the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. Let me …

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Icelandic Last Names and Their Curious Background

Icelandic Last Names

Icelandic Last Names – Why aren’t there many Icelandic Surnames?   If you didn’t already know, Icelandic last names and the laws around them, are weird. The Icelandic naming law passed in 1925, completely forbids the use of surnames in there entirety. The only way you are allowed to keep …

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