45 Most Popular Nigerian Last Names and Their Meanings

Nigerian Last Names – Popular Surnames and Their Meanings


Nigeria, a beautiful, diverse, African country home to the Niger River, and a rich history of culture and tradition. Similarly, Nigerian last names have a wonderful history and an interesting way of being given.

Most Nigerian surnames are in relation to the circumstances surrounding a child’s birth, like the day or event they were born on. Other times they are given based on what the parent wishes the child to be like, such a specific character trait. A lot of the common Nigerian last names are in relation to God or have a religious connotation.

We have gathered for you some of the more common Nigerian surnames and their meanings.

Nigerian Last Names
Nigerian Last Names

What are Most Common Nigerian Last Names

Listed below some of the most common Nigerian surnames along with their meanings.

Adebayo –  The crown meets joy

Mohammed – Name of Muslim Prophet (Arabic origin)

Oni – Born on Holy ground

Eze – King

Adeyemi – Royalty befits me

Okafor – Born on Afor (a day of the week in Igbo)

Balogun – Warlord

Obi – Heart

Lawal – Arabic origin, but meaning of Lawal is not certain.

Azikiwe – Full of Vigor

Chukwu – God is Great

Ali – High, Lofty (Arabic Origin)

Okonkwo – Born on Nkwo (Day of the week in Igbo)

Bello – Spanish origin, meaning Handsome

Aliu – Of Ali

Okereke – First Born

Akinyemi – Destined to be a warrior

Akinjide – The strong one has returned

Okoye – Born on market day

Adesina – She opens the way

Okoro – Child of the freeborn man

Babangida – Master of the house

Amaechi – Who knows tomorrow

Bankole – Help build my house

Igbinedion – Seeking the elders protection

Akpabio – Leader, Noble

Effiong – Tell me

Attah – Father of all

Osagie – God sent

Osahon – God hears and listens

Adeoye – Crown prince

Okpara First born son

Olanrewaju – Mt wealth is my future

Akerele – Small but mighty/tough

Balogun – Warlord

Orji – Sturdy, Mighty

Uba – Lord, Father

Kalu – God of thunder

Abiola – Born in Honor

Abdullahi – Servant of God

Ibeh – Fellow human beings

Njoku – Name of a deity

Abubakar – Name of  companion of the Prophet. Meaning father of camels.

Ibrahim – Name of a Prophet in Islam



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