Most Popular Spanish Last Names

Most Popular Spanish Last Names – Hispanic Surnames and Their Origin


Spanish last names can be found all over the world in the many Spanish speaking countries such as Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico and South/Central America. They have a long and interesting history, and like most countries, have a specific system that sorts these names into categories.

Patronymic & Matronymic

These names are taken from either the mothers or fathers given names. For example, Fernández meaning son of Fernando. Patronymic or matronymic surnames are the most common type of Spanish surnames.


These names tell you a little about the origin of the first individual to take this name; basically where they came from. An example is Navarro, meaning from Navarre, or Serrano meaning Highlander.


Occupational last names are simply describe the occupation of the individual or their ancestors. Examples are; Romero meaning pilgrim or Herrera/Herrero meaning Ironworker/Blacksmith.


Descriptive surnames simply describe a characteristic or feature of an individual. They could describe what the persons character was like, for example Bravo meaning brave, or a physical feature. An example would be Moreno meaning Brown-haired, tanned, brunette.

Spanish Last Names
Spanish Last Names


Most Common Spanish Surnames List, With Meanings:

The names below are Cuban, Mexican, and Puerto Rican last names, as all these countries are majority Spanish speaking. Can you identify which categories each one of the following surnames fall under?

García – Basque

Fernández – Son of Fernando

González – Son of Gonzalo

Rodríguez – Son of Rodrigo, Roderic.

López – Son of Lope, meaning wolf.

Martínez – Son of Martin

Sánchez – Son of Sancho

Pérez – Son of Pedro

Martín – Variation of the given name, Mars, the name of the Roman god of fertility and war.

Gómez – Son of Gomes, Gomo, or Gomaro

Ruiz – Son of Rui, short for Rodrigo

Hernández – Son of Hernando, variation of Fernando

Jiménez – Son of Jimeno

Díaz – Son of Diego

Álvarez – Son of Alvaro, from Alvar

Moreno – Brown-haired, tanned, brunette

Muñoz – Son of Munio

Alonso – Variation of Alfonso.

Gutiérrez – Son of Gutier, Gutierre, or Gualtierre

Romero – Pilgrim

Navarro – From Navarre

Torres – Towers

Domínguez – Son of Domingo, Master

Gil – From older form Egidio.

Vázquez – Son of Vasco or Velasco

Serrano – Highlander

Ramos –  Branches. Meaning born during Palm Sunday.

Blanco – White

Sanz – True

Castro – Village

Suárez – Son of Suero or Suaro

Ortega – From Ortiga, nettle plant

Rubio – Blond, fair-haired

Molina – Mill

Delgado – Thin man

Ramírez – Son of Ramiro, Radamir, or Radmir.

Morales – Blackberry groves

Ortiz – Son of Ortún, Fortunate One

Marín – Sailor

Iglesias – Churches


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