Most Common Mexican Last Names and Meanings

Most Common Mexican Last Names and Meanings

All Mexican citizens carry a surname. The law requires that the Mexican last names be made up of two elements; the father’s surname name followed by the mothers last name.

Even after marriage, Mexicans do not tend to change their surnames. This is the case for both the man and woman. The wife, however, has the option of adding to her name both of the names of her husband, preceded by the particle “de”. The result is not, however, an official surname but a simple surname of use, without relevance for the civil status register.

Most Mexicans will usually have two given names, with the addition of the last names of both their parents. This is a traditional system to for passing down surnames. See also, Spanish Last names.

Mexican Last Names
Mexican Last Names

Most Common Mexican Surnames and Meanings

Listed below are the most commonly found Mexican last names, in no particular order.

  1. Herman: Hernan Cortez was the conquistador of what is now Mexico.
  2. Garcia: Meaning young or young warrior.
  3. Lopez: Means son of Lope
  4. Martinez: Means son of Martín
  5. Rodriguez : Means son of Rodrigo.
  6. Gonzalez: Means son of Gonzalo
  7. Perez Means son of Pedro
  8. Sanchez: Means son of Sancho
  9. Gomez: Son of Gome
  10. Flores : Means flowers.


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