Most Common British Last Names

Most Common British Last Names That You Will Love

British last names are spread far and wide, and more likely than not, you will have heard quite a few before. They have a long history and tell you more about an individuals family ancestry than you would have thought.

Some names are derived from the occupation of the name holder, a nickname, or the place they’re from. For example, the most common British last name is Smith. This is an occupational name meaning Blacksmith, or someone who work with metal.

Take a look at the list we have compiled below, and see if you recognise any. Can you think of any famous figure that shares these surnames? We bet you can!

British Last Names
British Last Names

Most Common British Last Names

Amongst all the British surnames, these 25 have raked as the most common across the United Kingdom. Next to them we have put their meaning, so you can see what they tell you about your family. Check them out!

  1. Smith – Someone who works with metal, for example, a Blacksmith.
  2. Jones – A variant of the name Jon.
  3. Williams – From the German name “Willheim”, it translates to “Desire and protection”.
  4. Brown – English, Scottish, and Irish origin, generally a nickname referring to the colour of ones complexion or hair.
  5. Taylor – Tailor
  6. Johnson – Son of John.
  7. Lee – “Dweller by the wood or clearing”. An English name.
  8. Evans – A Welsh version of the English name John.
  9. Thomas – Twin
  10. Walker –¬†Occupational name for someone who beats and presses cloth to make if denser.
  11. Davies – A Welsh name derived from Daffyd’s (son).
  12. Wright – Craftsman, Carpenter
  13. Roberts – Variant of Robert.
  14. Robinson – Son of Robin
  15. Thompson – Son of Thomas.
  16. White – Fair haired or pale complexion.
  17. Hughes – Welsh variant of Hugh
  18. Edwards – An English variant of Edward.
  19. Green – Someone who lived by the village green.
  20. Lewis – English name taken from the French name Lewis.
  21. Wood – Someone who lived in or near a wood.
  22. Harris – Form of Harry.
  23. Martin – English name adapted from the Medieval Latin Martinus.
  24. Jackson – Son of Jack.
  25. Clarke – A cleric or writer.

British last names are made up of the top Welsh Surnames, English last names, Scottish last names, Irish and Welsh last names.

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