100 Most Common Arabic Last Names

Most Common Arabic Last Names


Arabic last names all have a beautiful and unique meaning behind them. Quite often, they have a religious connotation (like Muslim last names), or link to the Prophet’s or God in some way. Sometimes they may be occupational or geographical surnames too. They are popular all over the Arab world, but can be found all over the globe.

Not all Arabic last names are of Arabic origin, though. Quite a fair few of these last names originate from Persian, Turkish or Hebrew. We have put together for you a list of 100 of the most popular Arabic last names.



100 Most Popular Arabic Surnames With Meanings

Take a look at these Arabic surnames, along with their meanings.

  1. Abadi: Endless and Eternal
  2. Abdallah: Servant of God.
  3. Ahmad: The praised one.
  4. Ali: High or Lofty.
  5. Amin: Truthful or Trustworthy.
  6. Asghar: Shining, radiance, luminosity, clarity or brilliance.
  7. Ayad: The hands with power.
  8. Aziz: In Arabic it means “The dearest one.” In Hebrew, the name means ‘might’, ‘strength’ and ‘power’.
  9. Badawi: Badawi means ‘desert dweller’.
  10. Baghdadi: Bestowed by God.
  11. Bakir: Dawn, early or something that happens before the time.
  12. Bashar: Bashar stands for ‘the bringer of good tidings’.
  13. Bilal: Victorious one.
  14. Burhan: Knowledgeable one.
  15. Darwish: Exploring, roaming, wandering.
  16. Dawoud: Beloved friend.
  17. Ebeid: The devoted servant of God or the ‘worshipper of God’.
  18. Fadel: Virtue’ or ‘someone gracious and divine’.
  19. Faez: Victory.
  20. Faheem: Perceptive or intelligent.
  21. Faizan: The generous one or ‘the ruler’.
  22. Farhat: Splendor and ‘status’.
  23. Farouq: The redeemer or ‘the one who differentiates between the right and wrong’.
  24. Farsi: Farsi means ‘the Persian’.
  25. Fasih: The surname in Arabic means ‘eloquence’.
  26. Fasil: The distinguishing or ‘the unique one’.
  27. Fayed: The winner or the benefiter.
  28. Gaddafi: The archer or the thrower.
  29. Ghazali: Philosopher, saint or a mystic person.
  30. Ghazawwi: The one from Gaza.
  31. Ghulam: Young servant of God.
  32. Habib: Beloved or friend.
  33. Hadi: Guide to righteousness.
  34. Hadid: Iron
  35. Hafeez: The guardian or the protector.
  36. Hakim: The healer or the doctor.
  37. Hamdi: Praiseworthy.
  38. Hariri: Occupational name meaning Silk.
  39. Hashim: The crusher of bread.
  40. Hasnawi: The name often runs in families from Algeria.
  41. Hatem: Decisive and determined.
  42. Hijazi: It means ‘the one from Hejaz’.
  43. Hussein: Hussein means ‘to be handsome or beautiful’.
  44. Ibrahim: The father of all or the exalted father.
  45. Iqbal: One with strength.
  46. Irfan: The one filled with knowledge.
  47. Isa: The name means ‘ice’ or ‘iron’.
  48. Ismat: The name signifies ‘purity’, ‘chastity’, ‘innocence’, ‘perfection’, ‘flawlessness’ and ‘impeccability’.
  49. Issawi: Soft, gentle and tender.
  50. Jabal: Great Height.
  51. Jabir: The comforter.
  52. Jalal: The name means ‘might’, ‘strength’, ‘power’, ‘glory’ and ‘superiority’.
  53. Jameel: Handsome and beautiful.
  54. Jawahir: Jewelry, ‘precious stones’, ‘gold’, and ‘precious metals’.
  55. Jaziri: Self-confidence and independence.
  56. Kader: Capable, powerful..
  57. Karim: Generous and noble.
  58. Kashif: This last name means the person who discovers, reveals, pioneers or uncovers. The name signifies intellect.
  59. Kassab: Bread winner.
  60. Kazem: Control over anger.
  61. Khalid: Eternal.
  62. Laghmani: One born at nightfall.
  63. Maalouf: One who stands out in the crowd.
  64. Maamoun: Someone who is trustworthy or honorable.
  65. Muhammed: The name comes from the last prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammed, meaning “praise-worthiness.”
  66. Mahmud/Mahmood: This Arabic surname is derived from the name Muhammed.
  67. Marwan: Leadership and strength.
  68. Mufti: Legal Advisor.
  69. Mughrabi: This surname runs in families who speak Magrabi Arabic.
  70. Mustafa: One of the Prophet Muhammed’s names meaning “The chosen one.”
  71. Nabih: Being aware or vigilant.
  72. Nader: Exceptional, extraordinary, unique or rarity.
  73. Nagi: Closest friend.
  74. Nahdi: A strong tree.
  75. Najdi: The surname Najdi runs in families who originated in the Najd region in Arabia.
  76. Najm: Najm means ‘star’.
  77. Najjar: Occupational name meaning carpenter.
  78. Noor: Light or Divinity.
  79. Osman: Devoted servant of God.
  80. Qadir: Competent, powerful or capable.
  81. Qasim: The one who distributes.
  82. Qureshi: The last name is given to the descendants of the Qureish tribe.
  83. Rafiq: Close friend, companion.
  84. Rahim: The forgiving.
  85. Rajab: To respect.
  86. Ramzan: To be alive. Refers to the month of Ramadan.
  87. Ramzi: Quiet, reserved or demure.
  88. Rashid: Right direction, truth.
  89. Reza: Approval of Allah.
  90. Sader: Broad-chested, strength, courage or fore-fronted.
  91. Sajjad: Devoted worshipper of Allah.
  92. Shariq: Bright shining star or ‘a person of exemplary character’.
  93. Saqqaf: Cleverness or intelligence.
  94. Sultan: Sultan is a title given to the rulers. It means ‘highness’ or ‘the ruler.’
  95. Taleb: Devoted student or a seeker of knowledge.
  96. Tawfiq: The name means an opportunity or chance to gain knowledge or succeed in life.
  97. Wahed: The only one.
  98. Yasin: The name means ‘wealth’ or ‘richness’.
  99. Yusuf: The name means ‘god increases’ the strength, power, influence and devotion.
  100. Zaman: This name refers to ‘a person of the era, times or age’


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