75+ Most Common African Last Names

Most Unique and Common African Last Names


Of all the world’s continents, Africa is home to one of the most diverse cultures, languages and traditions. There are 54 countries, around 900 to 1,500 languages, and several thousand ethnic groups in Africa. So, unsurprisingly, it is also home to a broad spectrum of unique, cool and interesting African last names.

An African given name can tell you a lot about the circumstances of a child’s birth. Some names denote the day of the week the child was born, or the birth order of the siblings, or even characteristic the parents wish their child to inherit.

An African last name holds a lot of meaning and symbolism. They are beautiful and unique.

African Last Names
African Last Names


75+ Popular African Last Names

Below is a compiled list of African surnames with their meaning.

  1. Abara: Spirit
  2. Abimbola: Born with wealth
  3. Abiodun: One who is born during the festival or war. Unisex.
  4. Acheampong: Destined for greatness.
  5. Achebe: The Goddess protects.
  6. Adebayo: He came in a joyful time.
  7. Adegoke: The crown gained advancement.
  8. Adesina: Popular among females, it means “she opens the way”.
  9.  Adesiyan: The crown is good.
  10. Adisa: The lucid one or one who is clear.
  11. Afolayan: “One who walks with confidence” or “one who carries oneself like a wealthy person.”
  12. Agrinya: Warrior in the Yala language.
  13. Agu: Tiger
  14. Agwuegbo: The hardship is over.
  15. Akinjide: The strong one has returned.
  16. Akintola: “Valor is the worth of wealth” or “being brave.”
  17. Akinyemi: Destined to be a warrior.
  18. Akpabio: Leader, noble or prime.
  19. Aku: Wealth.
  20. Alasa: Lord or owner of the shield.
  21. Amaechi: Who knows tomorrow.
  22. Amaike: The compound remains strong.
  23. Ameziane: Young or little. Meziane is a variation.
  24. Anenih: God bearing name.
  25. Aniefuna: My land is not lost.
  26. Anotidaishe: The Lord loves us.
  27. Apara: One who comes and goes.
  28. Asaju: Leader of warriors.
  29. Awolowo: The oracle has dignity. This name is often given to boys.
  30. Babangida: The master of the house.
  31. Buhle: Handsome or beautiful.
  32. Chamapiwa: That which you have been given.
  33. Chidozie: “The Lord perfects all” or “the God repairs.”
  34. Chidubem: God is my guide.
  35. Chuke: God’s power.
  36. Dogo: Little.
  37. Eesuola: A lot of wealth.
  38. Egebe: Kite.
  39. Eke: Superstructure of the roof.
  40. Ele: A good runner.
  41. Emem: Peace
  42. Etienam: A doer of good or benevolent.
  43. Falade: God of divination has intermingled with royalty.
  44. Folorunsho: Under God’s protection.
  45. Furaha: Delight or happiness.
  46. Gcobani: Be joyful. This name is primarily masculine.
  47. Gowon: The rainmaker.
  48. Igbinedion: Seeking refuge in the elder’s protection.
  49. Igwe: Heaven
  50. Ihejirika: The one that I have is greater.
  51. Jelani: Mighty or ‘full of strength’.
  52. Kanye: ‘Let’s give’ or ‘to give honor or tribute’.
  53. Ladipo: Wealth and prosperity.
  54. Mensah: Third child born to a couple.
  55. Ndiaye: Descendant of the lion clan.
  56. Nenge: This surname means ‘see’.
  57. Nnadi: My God is alive.
  58. Nnamani: My father’s land.
  59. Obama: To lean or bend.
  60. Obi: Heart, A male name.
  61. Obiakolam: May I not lack a family or a home.
  62. Okiro: Child with fat cheeks.
  63. Okoro: Child of the freeborn man.
  64. Okpara: Firstborn son in Egyptian.
  65. Olatunji: Wealth awakes again.
  66. Omenma: One who does good to others.
  67. Omenuko: One who acts at the time of scarcity.
  68. Onai: A call to observe or ‘to see that which has happened’
  69. Popoola: Intelligent people, love god.
  70. Sarpong: Supreme or a great warrior.
  71. Selassie: Generally given to boys, it has its origin in the Amharic language, and means ‘trinity’.
  72. Temitope: It means ‘mine is worthy of thanks or gratitude’, and is suitable for both boys and girls.
  73. Tersoo: Father’s love.
  74. Uduike: Fullness of power.
  75. Umburter: Remember the father. In this context, the father can also mean God.
  76. Zadzisai: Fulfillment of a pledge or a promise.
  77. Zivai: You must know.


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