Mermaid Names For Girls: An Exotic Collection With Meanings

Mermaid Names For Girls


Mermaid names are beautiful, unique and incredibly stylish. From the traditional mermaid names of Greek mythology, to the modern day movie magic Mermaids, you’re really spoilt for choice.

Mermaids are unique creatures with a human body and fish tails instead of legs. Their skin is Snow White, and they are melodic and hypnotic. As for who the mermaids are, some myths answer that they are the daughters of water, or of Neptune.

Mermaids prefer to feel comfortable in fresh lakes as well as in salty waters. These mythical creatures are known by many names; nymphs, sirens, kupaki, udines, and rakes.

We have put together a collection of the most beautiful and exotic mermaid names for girls, along with their meanings. Take your time to choose the perfect name!


Mermaid Names

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25+ Mermaid Names For Girls With Meanings

  1. Marianna – Meaning “star of the sea” or “grace” in Latin, this name encompasses the nature of a mermaid.
  2. Lorelei  – Meaning “alluring enchantress” in German, this name is perfect for a mystical Mermaid.
  3. DelphineFrench for “dolphin”, this makes a beautiful name for a Mermaid.
  4. Calista – Mermaids are known to be beautiful, so this Greek name meaning “woman of the most beauty”, really is befitting for a Mermaid.
  5. Gracelynn – German for “graceful as a waterfall”, this name describes the grace of a Mermaid.
  6. Nerissa – Greek for “nymph of the sea” or “daughter of the sea”, this is another beautiful Mermaid name for girls.
  7. Naida – Coming from Arabic origin, this exotic name means “water nymph”.
  8. Sania – Hindi for “pearl”, this is yet another perfect Mermaid name for your little one.
  9. Despina – Despina is of Greek origin and means “daughter of Poseidon”. Poseidon being the Greek God of the sea, means this name is befitting for a Mermaid.
  10. Oceana – Another perfect Mermaid name, Oceana means “of the sea” in Greek.
  11. Aphrodite – You have probably heard this Greek name meaning “born from sea foam”. It is a name of one of the Greek Goddesses. This is a perfect name for your little girl, if you are looking for the perfect Mermaid name.
  12. Ariel – You’ve all heard this one from the classic Little Mermaid. In Hebrew, the name translate to “Lion of God.”
  13. Marina – Marina is the female variation of Marino, meaning “man of the sea”.
  14. Adella – You’ve probably heard this name too, as it is the name of one of Ariel’s sisters in the classic Little Mermaid. The name translate to “noble.”
  15. Alana – Translating to “Precious child”, Alana was also one of Ariel’s sisters.
  16. Bayou – Originating from Native American culture, this name translates to “small, slow stream.”
  17. Amatheia – A Greek name translating to “nurses of fish”, this makes a perfect mermaid name!
  18. Ava – In Samoan, this name means “passage through a coral reef for boats.”
  19. Aquata – Again, the name of one of Ariel’s sisters, this name is a beautiful variation of Aqua, meaning “water.”
  20. Sirena – Translating as “sirena” in Italian and “Sirene” in French, this name come from the Latin word for mermaid (Syreni).
  21. Arista – Meaning “the best”, this name is yet again the name of one of Ariel’s sisters.
  22. Coral – A name fit for mermaid, taken after the beautiful flora that grows undersea.
  23. Coralie – A beautiful variation of the name Coral, this name is stylish and modern.
  24. Daryah – Translating to “sea” in Iranian, this name is perfect for a mermaid.
  25. Thelxinoe – “Enchanting of the mind” or “delight of the heart.”
  26. Thelxipea – A mermaid name meaning “lovely song”.
  27. Aglaope – “Splendid voice” although it is also translated as “beautiful face”.
  28. Maj – Meaning “one from the sea”, this is an ideal name for a Mermaid.


What are Mythical mermaid names?

  1. 1. Delphina
  2. 2. Coralina
  3. 3. Naida
  4. 4. Aquata
  5. 5. Lorelei
  6. 6. Calypso
  7. 7. Triton
  8. 8. Sirena
  9. 9. Syrena
  10. 10. Undine


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