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Most Common German Last Names By Meanings, Trait and Region

German Last Names

Common German Last Names – Do you recognize any?   German last names are an interesting bunch purely based on how they came about. Almost all German surnames are based on an occupation, a trait or a place. This leads to some pretty self-explanatory surnames. German surnames are common all …

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Most Common African American Last Names

African American Last Names

Most Common African American Last Names and Their Unspoken History   Africa is one of the largest and most diverse continents in the world. It has a broad range of languages, cultures, traditions and ethnicities. So, as you can imagine, African surnames are also of broad spectrum. African American last …

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75+ Most Common African Last Names

African Last Names

Most Unique and Common African Last Names   Of all the world’s continents, Africa is home to one of the most diverse cultures, languages and traditions. There are 54 countries, around 900 to 1,500 languages, and several thousand ethnic groups in Africa. So, unsurprisingly, it is also home to a …

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Most Common Italian Last Names -75 Quirky Surnames

Italian Last Names

Most Common Italian Last Names You can’t have not heard at least one Italian last name in your lifetime, whether that be on screen, a friends or a neighbor’s. Italian last names not only sound cool when you say them out loud, but they have quite interesting meanings behind them. …

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Common Hawaiian Last Names – Meanings and Cool Origins

Hawaiian Last Names

Hawaiian Last Names – Last Names In Hawaiian   Chances are that you, and most of the people you know, have a surname. They give you a link to your family and your families history, and are an integral part of our identities. Hawaiian last names (also known Polynesian last …

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Most Common and Popular Indian Last Names

Indian Last Names

Indian Last Names – Common and Popular Indian last names are found all over the globe. They are traditionally passed down from generation to generation, and are extremely important in distinguishing ones identity. The Indian last name is usually unique to the family as it reveals the individuals caste (something …

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Most Common Mexican Last Names and Meanings

Mexican Last Names

Most Common Mexican Last Names and Meanings All Mexican citizens carry a surname. The law requires that the Mexican last names be made up of two elements; the father’s surname name followed by the mothers last name. Even after marriage, Mexicans do not tend to change their surnames. This is …

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Most Common Russian Last Names

Russian Last Names

Most Common Russian Last Names The Russian language is a beautiful and creative language. It’s complexity and almost poetic form means that using just the one base word, you can create numerous variations of different meanings. So, it’s not exactly surprising that this can be reflected in Russian last names, …

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Most Common Korean Last Names

Common Korean Last Names

Most Common Korean Last Names If you know anything about Korean last names, you will be well aware that almost 50% of the Korean population share the same 3 common last names. These are Kim, Lee and Park. The most common or most popular Korean last names after these 3, …

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Most Common Japanese Last Names And Meanings

Japanese Last Names

Most Common Japanese Last Names And Meaning Top 50 There are an estimated 100,000 last names in Japan, a vast number in comparison to most Western countries. Also, considering Korea (Most Common Korean Last Names), one of Japan’s neighboring Asian countries, has a mere 200 last names, the sheer difference …

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