Italian Girl Names – Best Italian Names For Girls

Italian Girl Names – Best Italian Names For Girls


Giving your baby girl an Italian first name is quite common. Some parents make this choice by taste, because they love the singing tones in “a” or in “o” of these Italian Girl names. Others do it to pay homage to their roots as they have ancestors born in Italy. Therefore, they intend to transmit this origin to their child through his first name! Finally, some parents, by giving an Italian first name to their child, choose to do so after the name of a famous Italian personality they admire.

Whatever the reason, we have you covered. Take a look at this selection of Italian names for girls, and you might just say “Grazie”!  Here you will find a list of the most beautiful Italian girl names.

Italian girl names
Italian Girl Names – Best Italian Names For Girls


Italian Girl Names

Below is a list of the most beautiful Italian names for girls, with their origin.


This Italian female name is a great success on the Italian peninsula. It is taken from a Hebrew name meaning ‘grace’.



This Italian girl name tops the charts with our Mediterranean neighbor! It is worn by actress Chiara Mastroianni, the daughter of Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni.



Mama-mia! This girl’s name is a hit in Italy, where it has been widespread for a very long time, like Francesco, its male version.



This first name would suit your little queen well, because it means “princess” in Hebrew. It is a widely used name in Italy, and appreciated world wide by countries from every corner of the globe.



This name is extremely common in Italy, and is of Latin origin, meaning “gift of God”.



For a little goddess, this first Latina name for girls is perfect! This name echoes the name of the morning deity Aurora, in Roman mythology. It is very popular in Italy for little girls.



Many Italian parents fell in love with this name, of Hebrew origin. This beautiful Italian girl name means “God is my oath.”



This first name is also very common in Italy, and is completely timeless! Against all odds, it would be of Germanic origin.



This first name comes from a Latin term, meaning “white”.  It is one of the many gorgeous Italian names for girls.



This first name is the Italian version of the first name Alexandra. It is often found in Corsica, where the host Alessandra Sublet is native. This name translates to “defender of mankind/men.”



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