Italian Boy Names – Best Italian Names For Boys

Italian Boy Names – Best Italian Names For Boys


Are you looking for enchanting Italian boy names? These beautiful names are not only meaningful and enticing, but they are also popular all over the world.

One can be attracted to Italian names for boys for multiple reasons. Sometimes its to simply pay homage to an ancestor from Italy, and other times it’s to show admiration for a personality, like Leonardo Di Caprio. Whatever the reason, there is always a lovely Italian male name for you.

We have gathered the best Italian boy names for you to check out.

Italian boy names
Italian boy names


Italian Boy Names

Listed below are the best Italian names for boys with their origins. We hope you enjoy!


Initially diminutive, it has now firmly established itself as a first name. Italians love this name and it is quite popular in Italy. Many personalities have worn it, like Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the famous automobile brand. The Enzo are go-geters and mischievous.



Another magnificent first name! Luca, which means “light” in Latin, echoes a magnificent town in Tuscany, also called Luca. It is a very popular name with Italian parents,



This Italian boy name is reminiscent of Mars, the Roman god of War. Illustrious historical figures have worn it, like the Venetian navigator Marco Polo. In Italy, it’s a first name that appeals to parents.



For a little angel, this is ideal! Because this name refers to the messenger who announces the birth of Jesus in the New Testament. It is very widespread in the Italian peninsula, and all over the world.



It is the name of one of the most famous actors of Italian origin: Leonardo di Caprio. Coming from a term designating the “lion”, this first name is always at the top amongst Italians.



This male first name, from Germanic terms, has been popular in Italy for a long time. The Riccardo are always ready to take on challenges.



This is the Italian version of the first name Jacques, and Giacomo is at the top in Italy! Determined, the Giacomo are renowned for their kindness, in particular their altruism.



This first name has many aficionados among the descendants of the Romans. It was popularized by Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, and is also used in Portugal. Good speakers, the Cristiano love to have fun and enjoy life.



This first name has its admirers in Italy, but it is also present in Corsica. It has the same Greek roots as the first name Alexander, and comes from the expression “the one who protects”.



It is an Italian variant of Daniel, which is very popular amongst Italians. It comes from a Hebrew term, meaning “judged by God”. The Danieles are honest and loyal.



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