Irish Names For Boys And Girls

Irish Names For Boys And Girls


Do you like Irish names and are thinking of it as a baby name possibility? Well, we have you covered with a list of the most popular Irish names for boys and girls, with their meaning. Surely, you will find one that you like!

These Irish names have a Celtic origin, originating from the Indo-European languages. Among the Irish names list, are the most modern ones, influenced by Latin and English. We have also included old Irish names, less used nowadays, but very original and with ancestral meanings.

So, go ahead and discover the perfect Irish names for your little boy or girl.

Irish Names For Boys and Girls
Irish Names For Boys and Girls


Irish Girl Names and Meanings

Listed below are the most popular Irish girl names with their meanings.


Aine – Name that in English is Anya and that means “glory, splendor”.

Aisling/Aisleyne – Nice name that means “dream, vision” and it has the following variations: Ashlyn, Ashling, Aislynn.

Brianna – An Irish girl name that has origins related to the nobility:  This name means “girl of nobility, princess, noble”.

Caitlin – Biblical name equivalent to the Spanish name Catalina, and has the variations Kathlyn, Kathleen or Caitlyn.

Ciara (Keira) – This beautiful name means “brunette”, referring to the hair colour of the individual.

Eithne (Enya) – This Irish name has an ancient meaning related to fire.

Erin – This name is very popular in Ireland and, in fact, its meaning is “Ireland”. It has the following variations; Erinn, Eryn, Eirinn, Eireann.

Fiona – This beautiful name comes from “white” and can refer to the white colour in general or to the colour of the skin or hair.

Niamh – Also called Neve, this name means “brilliant” and can also be spelt Neve, Neave, Neeve.

Oonagh (Oona) – This name has its origin in Irish mythology, as Oonagh was the queen of fairies.

Saorise – This name may be a little difficult to pronounce if you go by the spelling, but it means “freedom”. Saorise is also the name of the popular actress Saorise Ronan. It is pronounced “ser-sher”

Shannon – Name that refers to a famous river in Ireland. It has the variations Shannen or Shannyn.


Irish Boy Names and Meanings

Listed below are the most popular Irish boy names, with their meanings.


Aidan – Irish boy name meaning “fire”.

Brian – Very popular name that has a meaning related to nobility. The variations are; Bryan, Bryant, Brion.

Cyan (Keane) – This ancestral name means “legendary”, and from it come Cain, Kane or Kean.

Ciaran – Of Irish origin, this name means “small with dark hair”.

Colin – This name has an origin related to nature, meaning “cub” or “little bear”.

Connor – Name that comes from the Irish Conchúr, which means “lover of dogs”.

Darren – It comes from the Irish name Darran, and means “little oak”. It has the variations Darryn, Darrin or Dairin.

Eoghan (Owen) – This name has become popular through its Owen form and means “born of the yew”.

Kevin – Widely used and well-known Irish name meaning “pretty, kind, noble”.

Liam – A name that has Biblical origin in the figure of Guillermo.

Ryan – Of Irish origin, it means “little king”.

Rowan – This pretty Irish name is related to red-haired men, and it means “little redhead”.

Sean – Of Biblical origin, it has many variations such as Sean, Shawn, Shaun, Shan, Shane, Seaní or Síon.


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