Most Common and Popular Indian Last Names

Indian Last Names – Common and Popular

Indian last names are found all over the globe. They are traditionally passed down from generation to generation, and are extremely important in distinguishing ones identity. The Indian last name is usually unique to the family as it reveals the individuals caste (something Indians place a great amount of importance on), religion or even place of birth.

The most common Indian last names are Kaur (unique to females), Singh (males), Devi, Kumar and Das. As last names reveal the caste of an individual, and India is heavily revolved around the caste system, even marriages are decided by what last name a person has.

Therefore, you can probably understand the importance of last names in India. Compiled below is a list of some of the most common and popular Indian surnames.

Indian Last Names
Indian Last Names

Top 5 Most Common Indian Last Names With Meanings

Below are the 5 most common Indian last names with their definition.

  1. Kaur – A surname used by Sikh and Punjabi women. It is used as a surname or in addition to the family name they already have.
  2. Singh – Hero, Eminent
  3. Das – A Bengali surname meaning Votary.
  4. Kumar – The epithet of god Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva.
  5. 5. Devi – Goddess Deva is the masculine form meaning Heavenly/Divine.

25 Popular Indian Surnames With Meanings

1. Acharya – A title for a man of learning.

2. Agarwal – A Jain surname. Comes from the word Agroha, the former capital of the ancient city Agar Sen.

3. Ahuja – Descendant of Ahu (An Arora ancestor)

4. Anand – Joy

5. Patel – Village Headman (Gujarati surname)

6. Anthony – A popular surname among Christians in India.

7. Babu – Father

8. Basu – Wealth, gem, radiance

9. Varma – Armor, Protection

10. Chowdhury – A name for the head of a community. A name popular among both Muslims and Hindus.

11. Chakrabarti – Benagli surname meaning Emperor.

12. Amin – Muslim surname meaning Trustworthy.

13. Lal – Comes from the world Lala, meaning darling.

14. Jain – Triumphant

15. Khanna – Sikh name based on the clan found in the Khatri community.

16. Ghosh – Bengali surname meaning cowherd.

17. Gandhi – Perfume seller. Also means pharmacist or grocer in Gujarat.

18. Gupta -Protected

19. Chopra – Hindu and Sikh surname. Named after a clan.

20. Kapoor – Sikh surname meaning Camphor.

21. Chauhan – Named after the Chauhan kings that ruled in Rajasthan.

22. Mallick – Hindu and Muslim surname. Derived from the Arabic word ‘Malik’, meaning King.

23. Shah – Hindu and Muslim surname, meaning Emperor.

24. Ranganathan – Hindu name meaning Lord of Mirth.

25. Modi – A Gujarati surname named after a clan.


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