Common Hawaiian Last Names – Meanings and Cool Origins

Hawaiian Last Names – Last Names In Hawaiian

Chances are that you, and most of the people you know, have a surname. They give you a link to your family and your families history, and are an integral part of our identities. Hawaiian last names (also known Polynesian last names), however, weren’t always that common.

In Hawaii, natives didn’t always have last names. However, after becoming colonized by the West, Hawaiians were required to keep a last name. This lead to the given names being converted to family surnames.

Hawaii is part of Polynesia (Polynesia Names) ,  which is home to many other Islands, including Samoa. You can also check out some Samoan last names, some of which are of Hawaiian origin.

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Hawaiian Last Names
Hawaiian Last Names

List of Common Hawaiian Last Names – Hawaiian Surnames

Listed below are a number of common and diverse Hawaiian last names. You may notice that some of the names are translations of names from other languages such as Japanese, Korean or Cantonese.

  1. Keliʻi: The chief.
  2. Manu: Bird.
  3. Alana: awakening to arise
  4. Maliah: Bitterness sea.
  5. Akana: A Japanese given name that means ‘bright’ and ‘play the music.’
  6. Kahananui: The great work.
  7. Pilipo: Horses lover.
  8. Mahelona: The Hawaiian version of the biblical name ‘Mahlon.’
  9. Anela: Angel.
  10. Kaʻuhane: The soul or spirit.
  11. Kamiya: Unique.
  12. Aka: Noble.
  13. Mana: Supernatural power.
  14. Lui: Renowned warrior.
  15. Lokela: Famous warrior.
  16. Wong: A Cantonese surname meaning ‘king.’
  17. Kapule: The prayer or magic.
  18. Peniamina: Son of the right hand.
  19. Makali: the Pleiades stars.
  20. Alika: Most beautiful.
  21. Aukai: Hawaiian name meaning Seafarer.
  22. Kahue: The gourd.
  23. Leilani: Heavenly flower.
  24. Alama: Earth and eternity.
  25. Moana: The ocean.
  26. Akina: A Japanese given name that means ‘bright,’ ‘autumn,’ ‘greens,’ ‘name’ and ‘south.’
  27. Lee: A Korean surname meaning plum tree.
  28. Iosua: The Hawaiian version of the name ‘Joshua.’
  29. Palakiko: The Hawaiian version of the English ‘Francis’.
  30. Kekoa: The warrior.
  31. Akamai: wisdom and skill.
  32. Akamu: The Hawaiian version of the biblical name ‘Adam.’
  33. Kahale: The house.
  34. Keaka: God’s gracious gift.
  35. Ikaika: More strong.
  36. Iona: The Hawaiian version of the name ‘Jonah.’
  37. Mahoe: Twin.
  38. Havika: Beloved.
  39. Pualani: Heavenly flower.
  40. Kai: The sea.
  41. Apane: Beautiful red bird.
  42. Kalawaiʻa: The fisherman.
  43. Mahiʻai: Farmer.
  44. Kealani: White heaven.
  45. Noelani: Beautiful one from heaven.
  46. Kameāloha: The beloved one.
  47. Iokua: God is salvation.
  48. Konani: Bright.
  49. Kekoa: The brave one.
  50. Nakamura: A Japanese surname meaning ‘middle village.’
  51. Kelekolio: The Hawaiian version of the English ‘Gregory.’
  52. Wailani: Heavenly water.
  53. Inoa: Of the Virgin Mary.
  54. Haoa: Chief guardian.
  55. Likeke: Powerful ruler.
  56. Haukea: Snow
  57. Peleke: Peaceful ruler.
  58. Ōpūnui: Big-bellied.
  59. Keahi: The Fire.
  60. Keona: Sweet fragrance

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Interesting Hawaiian Names Facts

Did you know:

  1. True Hawaiian names are unisex. They aren’t specific to a gender like most Western names.
  2. Hawaiian surnames have a very apparent literal meaning which can be directly translated. However, they may also conceal a symbolic meaning known by only the family.
  3. Traditionally, names for children were said to be revealed in a vision or dream.
  4. Names reflect social class.
  5. Hawaiians might have several names, both formal and informal.


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