Greek Girl Names – Best Greek Names For Girls

Greek Girl Names – Best Greek Names For Girls


Unlike popular belief, Greek girl names are not limited to the names of the divinities of mythology. In Greece, there are a multitude of first names, each one more beautiful than the other!

Many girls’ first names are often distinguished by their ending in “a”. This is the case for Konstantina, but some end with an “i” like Angeliki, the Hellenic alter ego of Angelique.

We have gathered for you the best Greek girl names, so come and draw ideas from our selection of Greek names for girls.

Greek girl names
Greek girl names


Greek Girl Names 

Below is a list of the best Greek names for girls, with their meanings.


This Greek female name comes from the term “honey” in Greek. The internationally renowned actress and singer Melina Mercouri has made her known around the world.


In Greece, the first name is as popular as in Spain or Portugal. It is not for nothing if the lyric artist Maria Callas took it for a pseudonym! Her real name is Anna Maria Sofia Cecilia Kalogeropoulou.


Katerina is one of the most popular Greek girl names. It is derived from Ekaterini, the Greek version of Catherine.


If you are looking for the best Greek names for girls, then this is a very popular Greek female name.


Here is the Hellenic form of the first name Jeanne. It is widely used in Greece, and is the real first name of singer Nana Mouskouri.


This is how we say Angelica in Greek. This female given name is very popular in central Greece, as well as in the eastern Aegean islands, such as Chios, Mytilene and Samos.


This Greek female name is less common today, but it was long acclaimed by Greek parents during the 20th century. Derived from a term designating “reputation”, it is also written Eufimia.


Zoe are frequently found in Greece. It must be said that this first name comes from a Greek term, which means “life”.


Like Nikolaos, and its diminutive Nikos, this female first name comes from a term designating the “victory”. It is commonly used in the Greek islands and on the mainland.


This little name is frequently given in Greece, to little girls. It is related to the Greek male given name Vassilios, which can be translated as Basil in French.


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