Greek Boy Names – Best Greek Names For Boys

Greek Boy Names – Greek Names For Boys


Greek names are not limited to the names of the divinities of mythology. In Greece, there are a multitude of first names, each one more beautiful than the other! Typical Greek nuggets, recognizable at first glance! Many Greek names for boys end in “os”, like Georgios or Nikos, or in “is” like Yiannis. We have gathered for you the most beautiful Greek boy names, so go ahead and find the perfect names.

Greek boy names
Greek boy names


Greek Boy Names – Greek Names For Boys

Listed below are best Greek boy names for you, along with their meanings.


The Hellenic version of Constantine is popular in Greece, and is notably worn by ex-president Konstantinos Stephanopoulos. The diminutive Kostas is also widely used.


Georgios is the Greek form of George and one of the most common names in Greece and Cyprus. Two names are derived from it: Yiorgos or Yorgos.


Nikos is both a first name, and the diminutive of Nikolaos, which means “the victory of the people”.


If you are looking for the best Greek names for boys, then this name is very popular in northern Greece. Its etymology is Latin and comes from Demeter, the goddess of the Earth.


Yiannis is of Hebrew origin, and it is also written Yannis, Ioannis or Giannis. It is one of the most used names in Greece.


This male given name is very common in Greece, where it is sometimes written with a single “s”. The small name is derived from the first name Vasilios, the Greek version of Basil.


It is a very old Greek boy name, derived from a term meaning “messenger”. It is notably the first name of the electronic music composer Vangelis, author of Chariots of Fire, born Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassíou.


This Greek male name, derived from the name Spyridon, is also written with a “y”. It is very popular in Corfu, Saint Spyridon being the protector of the island.


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