Fragrant Flower Names For Boys and Girls With Meanings

Fantastically Fragrant Flower Names For Boys and Girls


One thing is evident, you want a floral first name for your beautiful baby. You’ve made the right choice, as this type of first name evokes the sweetness and beauty of nature. Whether you are expecting a little girl or a little boy, choosing a flowery first name is now easy with our mini guide! Discover, without further delay, flower names for boys and girls.

Flower Names For Boys and Girls
Flower Names For Boys and Girls


Flower Names For Girls With Meanings

Listed below are the best flower names for girls.

From the Greek “resplendent”, Amaryllis is full of tenderness and knows how to surround herself: she is a very sociable being.

Madder is a plant which is used to tint the fabrics of a bright red color. The Garances clearly have a colorful personality!

Brought to the skies thanks to the famous Argentinian series for teenagers Violetta, this flowery name recalls the sweetness of a bygone era. It can also be written Violet.

What a sweet evocative name! In Greek mythology, Iris was the messenger of the gods. Her movements left behind her a trace of a beautiful rainbow.

Did you know? Eglantine is derived from the Latin word aculeatus which means thorny! Yes, the dog rose is a wild rose that is known for its robustness.

The Dahlia impresses with its very numerous varieties, and with its extreme resistance, from summer to the first frosts. This first name has been booming since the mid-twentieth century.

Flower with orange tones, Nasturtium is an ornamental flower that knows how to seduce flower lovers.

Queen among queens, this flower has as many meanings as it has colors. Spicy and sweet at the same time, Rose never fails to make an impression.

Angelica has almost magical virtues. Also called angelica officinalis, this plant has the power to cure many ailments. Even better, this first name directly relates to angels. Divine.

Derived from Latin, this floral name means “purity.” Some people spell it Lilah, and don’t hesitate to add it to another name like Lilah-Rose or Lilah-May.


Flower Names For Boys With Meanings

Listed below are the best flower names for boys.

Antoine is a name of Greek origin which means “who feeds on flowers”.

Ilan symbolizes the tree and all the force of nature associated with it.

In Greek mythology, Apollo had a very good friend, Yakinthos. Only he killed him by accident. His drops of blood on the ground then made the hyacinth flower grow.

In Latin, floretum means flowering. The little Florentines evoke renewal and the sweetness of spring when nature wakes up.

Ferréol is directly inspired by Latin, and more precisely, from a grape variety that produces red wine.

This name is directly inspired by nature since it is derived from laurel. It is imbued with majesty when it alludes to the laurel wreath.

Jasmine’s male pendant, Jasmine evokes the magnificent climbing plant with a captivating scent.

Ambrosia is a wild plant. We therefore prefer the other origin of Ambroise, straight from Ancient Greece.

Did you know? In Greek, Anthos means flower. This is a male name straight from nature!

In Greek mythology, Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection while admiring himself in the water. A first name for the most sensitive.


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