Finnish Girl Names – Finnish Names For Girls

Finnish Girl Names – Finnish Names For Girls


Finding the perfect name can be difficult at the best of times. It’s not easy to match your baby with a name that suits them, and will stick with them through their life. So, we have made your job a little easier with a list of Finnish girl names.

Finnish girl names are beautifully unique, and their origins and meanings might just surprise you.

Take a look at our list of the finest Finnish name for girls, and see if you can find your perfect girls name!

Finnish Girl Names
Finnish Girl Names


Finnish Girl Names – Finnish Names For Girls

Listed below are a collection of the best Finnish names for girls, along with their meanings.


Finnish Girl Names Starting With A

Aija – This name means “Melody”, and is of Latvian origin.

Aila – It is the Finnish equivalent of Helga or Olga, meaning “bringer of light”

Aili – Meaning “holy”, or “blessed”

Aini – A Muslim baby name meaning “spring”.

Alma – Kind, nourishing.

Amalia – Of Hebrew origin, meaning “work of God”.

Amanda –  A Latin female name meaning “worthy of love,”.

Anita – Derived from the Hebrew name Hannah, meaning “grace” or “favour”.

Anitta – Derived from Indian, meaning “graceful, favour”.

Arja – Arja is a Unisex name.

Armi – Derived from a Philippine name, Armi means “Love”.

Asta – Of Greek origin, meaning “divine strength”.

Auli – A Hawaiian name for girls meaning “dainty”.

Finnish Names For Girls Starting With B

Birgitta – A Swedish name, meaning “strong”.


Girl Names Starting With E

Eeva – The meaning of the name Eeva is “Life”.

Eevi – Taken from Hebrew, this name means “alive/living”.

Eija – The origin of the name Eijaa is from a Finnish exclamation of joy

Eila – Of Hebrew origin meaning “tree”

Eini – Meaning “the best”, Eini is of English origin.

Eleonoora – This name means “shining light”.

Eliina – Hebrew origin name.

Eliisa – The Finnish meaning is “My God is a vow”.

Elina – A Spanish name meaning “bright one”.

Elmi – Elmi means “Knowledge” and is of African origin.

Elna – Greek name meaning “sun ray”

Erja – “Peace/harmony”

Essi – This name is an abbreviation of the Persian name Esther, which means “star”.


Girl Names Starting With F

Fanni – French origin, and means “free”.

Fanny – Of American origin, this is a female name.

Flora – Derived from Latin “flos”, meaning “flower”.


Girl Names Starting With H

Helga/Helka – Derived from Old Norse “Heilagr”, meaning “holy” or “blessed”

Hellevi – Derived from German, Hellevi means “the luck that helps in battle”.

Helli – It is a Greek name meaning “light”.

Hellin – “Brilliant”.

Helvi – “Warrior in war”.

Herta – “Of the Earth”.

Heta – Of Hindu origin, this name means “love”.

Hilja -Derived from Finnish “Hiljaisuus” meaning “silence”.

Hilla – Hilla is a Hindu Girl name.

Hillevi – “Safe in battle”.


Girl Names Starting With I

Iines – Of Portuguese origin, meaning “pure, virginal”.

Iiris – Derived from the iris flower, or the coloured part of the eye.

Ilma – “Resolute protector”.

Ilmatar – Derived from the Finnish word “Ilma”, meaning “air”.

Ilmi – Australian origin, and means “Lucky and happiness”.

Ilona – “Beauty and light”.

Inkeri – Derived from old Norse, meaning “beautiful goddess”.

Irina – A feminine given name of Greek origin.

Irma – Derived from the Old High German word “Irmin”, meaning “world”.

Irmeli –  German pet form of Irmela.


Girl Names Starting With J

Janette – “God has been gracious”.

Janina – Meaning “Gift from God”, it is a Hebrew name.

Jemina – “Right hand”.

Jenna – “White shadow”.

Jenni – “White, fair, smooth”.

Julia – Latin origin meaning “youthful”.

Juliaana – “Youthful”

Jutta – “Mankind, child, descendant”.


Girl Names Starting With K

Kaisa – Greek name meaning “pure”.

Kaisu – “Pure, clean, clear of dirt”.

Karoliina – “Free man”.

Kastehelmi – “Dewdrop”.

Kerttu – “Warrior”.

Kielo – “The flower”.

Kiia – “Beginning of the season”.

Kukka – Means “flower” in Finnish.

Kylli – Of Finnish origin, meaning “abundance”.

Kyllikki – A Finnish name meaning “woman of strength”.


Girl Names Starting With L

Laina – The meaning of the name Laina is “path, roadway”.

Lauha – Finnish name meaning “mild, gentle”.

Lea – The name is of English origin and means “weary or meadow”.

Leea –  “Clearing”.

Liisa – “Consecrated to God”.

Liisi – “My God is a vow”.

Lilja – Finnish name meaning “Lily”.

Lilli – A symbol of innocence, purity and beauty.

Linda – Formed from the Spanish “Linda”, which means “beautiful, pretty”.

Linnea – Swedish origin meaning “twin-flower, lime tree”.

Lyydia – “Kindred spirit”.

Lyyli – “Woman from Lydia”.


Girl Names Starting With M

Maija – Scandinavian origin, meaning “Of The Sea” or “Bitter”.

Maiju – “Bitter”.

Maila – “Strength in battle”.

Maili – “Bitter”.

Marianna – From the Latin word “mas” for “male”,  or “maris” meaning “sea”

Marianne –  “Grace, elegance”.

Marika – “Of The Sea”.

Marita – Marita means “wife”, “married”.

Maritta – The meaning of Maritta is “pearl”.

Martta – “The daughter”.

Matilda – “Might, strength”.

Matleena – “Battle”.

Meri – Meaning “mirthful, joyous”, Meri is also short for Meredith.

Mirka – “Great glory”.


Girl Names Starting With N

Nea – “Lustrous”.

Nelli – “Ray of sun”.

Niina – Niina is of Finnish origin, and means “gracious”.


Girl Names Starting With O

Olga – Feminine for of Oleg, which means “holy”.

Olivia – “Olive tree”.

Onerva – Finish origin referring to “the hay grown after harvesting”.

Oona – It is of Irish origin and means “lamb”.

Orvokki – “Pansy flower”.


Girl Names Starting With P

Petra – Feminine form of Peter, meaning “stone/rock”.

Piia – “Beauty and wisdom”.

Pilvi – A Finnish girls name, meaning “cloud”.

Pinja – “Pine tree”.

Pirjo – “Fire/power/strength”.


Girl Names Starting With R

Raili – “Ewe”, of Hebrew origin.

Raisa – “Easygoing”.

Rauha – Meaning “peace”.

Rebekka – “Servant of God”.

Reeta – “Pearl”.

Ronja – This is the Russian short form of the name Veronica, and means “bringing victory”.

Roosa – “Rose”.


Girl Names Starting With S

Saara – Hebrew for “Princess”.

Saija – Finnish for “Princess”.

Saila – Of Arabic origin, this name means “sun”.

Saima – Of Arabic origin, this name means “fasting woman”.

Salli – “Princess”.

Sarianna – “Gift of the angels”.

Seija – Derived from the Finnish word “seijas”, meaning “serene, clear, tranquil”.

Selma – “Beautiful view”.

Senni – Finnish short form of Senniija.

Sisko – A version of the surname “Fransisko”, meaning “chef”.

Soile – A Finnish name meaning “glow of the northern polar lights”.


Girl Names Starting With T

Taina – Meaning “mystery/secret” in Romanian.

Taira – “Peace”.

Talvikki – Very old Finnish name that was given to girls born during the winter.

Tanja – “Fairy queen”.

Taru – Meaning “small plant”, this name is of Indian origin.

Terttu – Referring to a bunch or cluster of berries, this is a Finnish name for girls.

Tiia – “Gift of God”.

Tilda – “Strength in battle”.

Toini – The meaning of Toini is “invaluable”, and is of Finnish origin.

Tuulia – “Wind/breeze”.


Girl Names Starting With U

Ulla – Ulla is a girl’s name of German, Scandinavian, Norse origin, meaning “will, determination”.

Ulpu – Finnish short form of Ulpukka.

Unelma – “Dream/wish/hope”.

Ursula – Urusla means “little bear”.


Girl Names Starting With V

Vappu – Finnish short form of Valpuri.

Varma – A Hindu name, from the Sanskrit word “varman”, meaning “armor”, “protection”.

Vaula – “Climbing plant”.

Veera – “Faith”.

Vellamo – Vellamo is the goddess of water, lakes and seas in Finnish mythology.

Venla – “To travel, to proceed”.

Verna – Of Latin origin, meaning “springtime”.

Vienna – The name Vienna comes from the Dutch word “vedunia”, meaning “forest stream”.


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