Austrian Surnames – Austrian last names and meanings

Austrian Surnames

The Most Popular Austrian Surnames   The most popular  or common Austrian surnames are very similar to those of Germany, and the vast majority are equally popular in Germany. Family names that describe a profession or a place of residence are particularly common in Austria. Job titles would be, for …

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Russian Girl Names – Common Russian Names For Girls

Russian girl names

Russian Girl Names: Most Beautiful Names   Destination Russia! The female first names, from this immense country, are beautiful. Lena, short for Elena, is a hit, but also Anastasia and Nina to a lesser extent. It must be said that the little Russian names are charming and sweet. Some have …

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Filipino Last Names and Meanings

Filipino Last Names

Popular Filipino Last Names and Their Origin   If you’ve come across any Filipino last names, you won’t be too hard pressed to notice that the majority of them are of Spanish origin. Have you ever wondered why? The short answer is the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. Let me …

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Icelandic Last Names and Their Curious Background

Icelandic Last Names

Icelandic Last Names – Why aren’t there many Icelandic Surnames?   If you didn’t already know, Icelandic last names and the laws around them, are weird. The Icelandic naming law passed in 1925, completely forbids the use of surnames in there entirety. The only way you are allowed to keep …

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Nordic Last Names – Scandinavian Nordic Difference

Nordic Last Names – What is the difference between Scandinavian and Nordic Countries?   Now, this can be all very confusing. When do you use Scandinavia and when do you use Nordic? What’s the difference between them? Are Scandinavian last names also Nordic surnames? Well, in simple terms, the Nordic …

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Most Common Czech Last Names and Meanings

Czech Last Names Czech Flag

Common Czech Last Names and Their Meanings   Czech last names vary and are well into their tens of thousands. However, there are just a select few that reign as the most popular and common Czech last names. Czech surnames differ from some other countries in that they have two …

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Finnish Last Names – Origin and Meanings

Finnish Last Names Finnish Finland Flag

Finnish Last Names – What does -nen mean?   Finnish last names, along with Swedish and Norwegian last names, are all part of the Scandinavian name group. Like most countries around the world, they are made up of patronymic and geographic last names. This is where the very common -nen …

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Ukrainian Last Names and Meanings

Ukrainian Last Names

Ukrainian Last Names and How They Came About   Ukrainians didn’t always have last names, but by the 18th Century almost all families got one. This was due to Ukraine coming under the Austrian Empire, and as such, were required for official and taxation purposes to keep a surname. Initially, …

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40 Best Romanian Last Names With Meanings

Romanian Last Names

The Most Popular Romanian Last Names   Romanian last names are traditionally patronymic, meaning they are taken after the fathers name. As such, they commonly use suffixes that denote the origin of the name. Patronymic surnames will end in -escu, meaning “son of.” Other Romanian suffixes include; -ăscu, -eanu, -anu, …

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Common Danish Last Names You Will Love

Danish Last Names

40+ Danish Last Names You Will Love   If you’ve come across any Danish last names before, you might have noticed a pattern. The majority of Danish surnames are patronymics, meaning they are adopted from the fathers name. Therefore, you will notice that almost 90% of the most popular Danish …

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