Egyptian Girl Names – Egyptian Names For Girls

Egyptian Girl Names – Egyptian Names For Girls


If you’re looking for the perfect name for your little angel, look no further. Unique, melodious and full of beautiful meanings, Egyptian girl names are perfect for even the most choosy.

We have compiled a list of some of the most stunning Egyptian names for girls, along with their meanings and origin. Have a look, and maybe you will find the perfect Egyptian girl name for your little one!

Egyptian Girl Names
Egyptian Girl Names


List of Egyptian Girl Names and Meanings

Listed below, are some beautiful Egyptian names for girls along with their meanings and origins.


Egyptian Girl Names Starting With A

Ain – An hour, eye, fountain.

Amenis – Arabic female given name meaning “honest”.

Amunet – The meaning of the name Amunet is “The hidden one”.

Anippe – Daughter of the Nile.

Astarte – Name meaning “mother goddess”.

Auset – In Egyptian baby names, the meaning of the name Ausar is Osiris.


Egyptian Names For Girls Starting With B

Bennu – Eagle

Berenice – Meaning of the name Berenice is “One who brings victory, bringer of victory”.

Bahiti – The meaning of the name “Bahati” is “Luck, fortune”.

Girl Names Starting With D

Dina – “From the valley”


Girl Names Starting With E

Echidna -Echidnas sometimes known as spiny anteaters, belong to the family Tachyglossidae in the monotreme order of egg-laying mammals.

Edjo – The origin of Edjo is the Egyptian language. In mythology, another name for Wadjet is “a snake goddess”.

Girl Names Starting With F

Farah – Happiness, joy

Fukayna – The meaning of the name Fukayna is “Intelligent”.


Girl Names Starting With H

Habibah – Habibah is a feminine name of Arabic origins, meaning ‘Loved One*

Hadjer -Inspired by the Arabic name Agar, Hajder means “the foreigner”. It is also a name from ancient Egypt and means ‘the lotus flower’.

Haqikah – Truthful

Hehet – Goddess of that which can not be measured.

Heqet – Ruler


Girl Names Starting With I

Inaya – The first name Inaya is a first name of Arabic origin.


Girl Names Starting With J

Jamila – From the Arabic boy name ‘jamil’, which means beautiful.


Girl Names Starting With K

Keket – Name of the mythical Goddess of darkness.

Kenza – Kenza is a first name of Gaelic origin.


Girl Names Starting With L

Lapis – Of Persian origin, this name means “azure blue stone”.


Girl Names Starting With M

Mariam – The first name Mariam originates from the Hebrew first name Miryam or Myriam. This is the Arabic version of this first name.

Marwa – Name of one of the mountains of Makkah.

Masika – Born during rain.

Mukamutara – Name of Egyptian origin.

Mukantagara – Born during war.

Mukarramma – Female version of the Egyptian boy name Mukarram, meaning “Respected, honoured”.

Muminah – Pious believer.


Girl Names Starting With N

Nabirye – Mother of twins.

Nada – The first name Nada has Arab and Slavic origins.

Naeemah – “Kind and benevolent woman”.

Niut – Meaning “intention”.

Noor – Arabic name meaning “Light”.

Noûr – Variation of Noor.


Girl Names Starting With O

Omorosis – Beautiful

Oseye – One who is happy.


Girl Names Starting With P

Panya – Meaning “crowned in victory”, this name is of Latin origin.


Girl Names Starting With Q

Quibilah – Quibilah means “peaceful”.


Girl Names Starting With R

Rabiah – “The fourth” (in a sequence), or “rainy/fertile”.

Rania – Delightful

Renenet – Mythical goddess of fortune.


Girl Names Starting With S

Sagira – Of Arabic origin, this name means “little one”.

Sakhmet – Power/might.

Salihah – Meaning “good, agreeable”.

Salma – Peace and safety.

Sanura – Little cat or kitten.

Sechet/Sekhet  – Pure existence.

Serq – Princess


Girl Names Starting With T

Tabia – Polite and well behaved.

Tahirah – Pure and clean.

Talibah – Seeker of knowledge.

Tauret – Goddess of pregnant women.

Tefnut – Moisture, dew.


Girl Names Starting With U

Uadjit – Name of a mythical cobra Goddess.

Uatchit – Power/might.

Umayma – Little mother.


Girl Names Starting With W

Walidah – Meaning “daughter” or “young girl”, this name is of Arabic origin.


Girl Names Starting With Y

Yaminah – This beautiful name means “blessed” or “bringer of blessings”.




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