Most Common Czech Last Names and Meanings

Common Czech Last Names and Their Meanings


Czech last names vary and are well into their tens of thousands. However, there are just a select few that reign as the most popular and common Czech last names.

Czech surnames differ from some other countries in that they have two forms; masculine and feminine. This means that the same surname can be used but with a different suffix to indicate gender. Therefore, like most countries and cultures, the woman takes the mans last name after marriage. What differs in this case, however, is the fact that the last name will be changed to the feminine form of the masculine name.

There are a few exceptions, of course, where the surname is unisex and does not need a gender specific suffix. In our list of top 10 most common Czech surnames, we have one listed for you to check out.

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Czech Last Names


Top 10 Most Popular Czech Last Names

Here are the top 10 Czech surnames with their meanings.

Novák – Nováková

  • This surname comes in first place as the most popular Czech surname. Novák means someone new in the village, or someone from another place.

Svoboda – Svobodová

  • Coming in at second place, Svoboda means liberty.

Novotný – Novotná

  • This name is very similar to Novák and Nováková and also shares the same meaning as Novak and Novakova.

Dvořák – Dvořáková

  • Dvořák means a freeman who owns a farm.

Černý – Černá

  • This surnames was based on a physical trait such as the appearance of the name holder. Černý means black and the name means black haired or darker skinned.

Procházka – Procházková

  • This is an occupational last name very common amongst milling families. The name means “strolling” or “walkabout.”

Kučera and Kučerová

  • A surname based on physical traits, this surname means curly-haired.

Veselý – Veselá

  • Meaning good-tempered, happy or someone that always has a a cheerful demeanor.

Horák – Horáková

  • A geographical surname based on where someone is from. This surname means someone from the hills or mountains.


  • As mentionedabove, this name is one of those few unisex names. One of those few surnames where is one form for both men and women. It is an occupational surname meaning tailor.



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