Chinese Names For Boys and Girls

Chinese Names For Boys and Girls


Chinese names are beautiful, and they always make sense! This is because in China, any common name can become a name. It is not like in the Western world, where first names from the calendar of saints have long been the only ones authorized.  However, it is often the same names that are used by the Chinese, names that are said to bring good luck to the baby. This is because Asians feel that the first name greatly influences the character, even the fate of the child. So Chinese names for boys and girls, reflect that.

For girls, they favor terms relating to softness and beauty. Many opt for flower names like Lan (“Orchid”) and poetic evocations like “little sister of the sea” (Haimeï) or “magnificent jade” ( Lin ). For boys, the focus is on intelligence and strength, for example with Qiang (“strong”) or Xiong (“powerful”).

We have collated for you a list of the best Chinese names for boys, and Chinese names for girls. Enjoy!

Chinese names for boys and girls
Chinese names for boys and girls


Chinese Names For Boys

Listed below, are the best Chinese names for boys, with their meanings.


In China, this first name is traditionally given to little boys. It then means “park” or “round”. But, it is sometimes given to little girls, because it can also mean “graceful young girl”.


It is a multicultural male given name. If it means “clearing” in English and “force” in Irish, it can be translated as “standing” and “sharp” in Chinese. It is also a common Chinese surname.


This first name is used in China and Vietnam. In Chinese, it means “long life”, “way” and “creation”, while it is translated as “respectful of one’s parents” in Vietnamese.


In Chinese, the mixed first name Guo means “country” or “nation”. It gives rise to many small names, such as Guo-Hui, Xiu-Guo and Guo-Qiang. It is also a very common surname in China.


This male given name is very popular in China, and we understand why. This means “success” or “accomplishment” in Chinese, and is also a very common surname.


The first name Ming means “bright” or “prompt. It was placed in the spotlight by the great Sino-American architect Ieoh Ming Pei, designer of the Louvre pyramid. It is also the name of a dynasty of emperors who reigned over China from 1368 to 1644.


This male given name is used in China and Vietnam. It means “talent” and “knowledge” in the Celestial Empire


Chinese Names For Girls

Listed below, are the best Chinese names for girls and their meanings.


Chinese names for girls
Chinese names for girls



This short name evokes the “plum blossom” or “beauty” in Chinese. In China, the names referring to flowers are legion, like Ju, associated with the chrysanthemum. The mixed names Mei-Li, Mei-Ly, Mei-Ling are also popular.


This Chinese name for girls is a precious first name in more ways than one! Mixed, it means “magnificent jade” in Chinese. In China, several small names relate to precious stones and metals. Parents can also opt for Cui, “emerald”, or Yin, “money”.


This mixed name is very popular in China. In Chinese, it means “culture” and “writing”. It also means “cultivated”, “refined” and “ornamental”. In the Celestial Empire, it is also a patronym.


This sweet Asian name is used by the Chinese and the Vietnamese. In Vietnam, it designates a “light ray” or “reflection”. In China, it rather evokes “peace”.


This mixed name is reminiscent of the male name Yann. Yan can be translated as “swallow” in Chinese. Other small Chinese names designate birds, like Ying, which evokes the oriole, a small bird with yellow plumage.


This name is a good omen for a little girl. It comes from a Chinese term, which can be translated as “beautiful” or “charming”. In China, it is also a surname.


This mixed name means “coral” or “precious” in Chinese. It gives rise to several compound first names, including Shan-Yu.


This mixed first name means “explanation” or “exposure” in Chinese, but also “beauty” and “graceful posture”. It is also a very common surname in China. It is also the real first name of the most famous of Chinese, Jackie Chan, born Chan Kong-Sang!


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