Basque Names For Boys – 100+ Basque Boy Names

Basque Names For Boys – Basque Boy Names


In every pregnancy there is a moment when the couple must choose the baby’s name. Some agree quickly, others doubt more, there are even some who have real discussions. In the end, the important thing is to find the perfect name for the baby. But which one to choose?

If you are still in the inspiration phase, you should keep in mind that you do not have to limit yourself only to traditional names. Today, there is a tendency to choose names for baby boys and girls, rare and original or names in other languages, such as names English, Greek, Japanese, Arabic or Italian names.

What do you think of Basque names for boys? If you want to know more, go ahead and review our list with 80+ Basque boy names with their meaning.


Basque Names For Boys With Meanings

Listed below are the most popular Basque names for boys, with meanings and origin.


Basque Names For Boys Starting With A

Albar: Common name in the Basque Country since the Middle Ages.

Amets: Literally, it means “dream”, and in a figurative sense, “desire” .

Ander: Variant of Andrés collected in the Santoral.

Aner: Medieval name; it is documented in Iparralde in 1249.

Asier: It means “beginning” and is opposed to the feminine name of Amaia, which means “end”.

Aritz: Mystical name popularized in recent years in the Basque Country.

Adei: Common name that means “respect” or “deference”.

Adur: Mythological name, which means “luck” and which designates the power to do things at a distance, fundamentally proper to witches and wizards.


Basque Boy Names Starting with B

Balkoe: Medieval Basque denomination related to the name Falcon, which is documented in Pamplona in the 14th century.

Baztan: Navarrese valley and medieval name.

Beltso: Medieval Basque name.

Benin: Equivalent of Benigno proposed in the Santoral and which means “affable” and “benevolent”.

Bizen: Variant of Bizente, which in Spanish is Vicente.


Names For Boys Starting With D

Damen: Name that comes from Damián.

Diagur: Old name documented in Navarra in 1506.

Durruma: It comes from the name of the festival of the town of San Román


Names For Boys Starting With E

Eako: Name related to nature.

Eder: Name from the Basque adjective “eder”, which means “beautiful”.

Edur: Edurne’s male name day equivalent. Edur, which means “snow”, is a form typical of Basque in Biscay.

Ekain: Name related to the famous cave located between Zestoa and Deba.

Ekaitz: Common and mythological name that means “storm”.

Eneko: It is a very common name in the Middle Ages that comes from “ene”, which means “mine”.


Names For Boys Starting With H

Haran: It means “valley”.

Haritz: It means “oak”, a sacred tree in Euskal Herria.

Hegoi: Proper name of the south wind.

Heiko: Mystical name of poetic connotations.


Names For Boys Starting With I

Imanol: It comes from the name of Emanuel or Manuel.

Iñaki: Name derived from Eneko and Ignacio.

Iñigo: Romance variant of Eneko widely used in Euskal Herria.

Irai: It comes from Herais, derived in turn from Hera, name of the goddess of marriage, of spring and protector of wives.

Izan: It comes from Izani and is a medieval name.

Ibar: Pseudonym of the writer Justo Ma Mokoroa, and common name, which means “valley”.

Igantzi: Name that comes from the town of Cinco Villas.

Igari: It comes from a town in the Salazar valley, in Castilian Igal and in Igali historical documentation.


Names For Boys Starting With J

Jeino: Medieval name. It appears on a tombstone in the church of San Vicente de Abadiño.

Joango: This is a name derived from Joan.

Julen: Name proposed in the Santoral and that in Castilian is Julián.

Jurgi: Basque form of Jorge, which comes from the Greek name Georgos, which means “farmer”.


Names For Boys Starting With K

Kasi: Name of medieval origin proposed later that is equivalent to Casio.

Kimetz: Name commonly used in some dialect of the Basque language, which means “sprout”, “germ”.

Kutun: Word that has two meanings: “loved” and “bag that is worn around the neck or sewn on clothing.”


Names For Boys Starting With L

Lain: Name of medieval origin.

Lander: It means “poor and” pilgrim” and is the Spanish equivalent of Leandro.

Laratz: Laratza is the chain that hangs in the home.

Luar: Variant of Loarre, name of the famous castle of Aragon.


Names For Boys Starting With M

Maide: Name that comes from a mythological being.

Mairu: Name of medieval origin from the Latin Maurus.

Maiu: It refers to a mythological being.

Maren: In Spanish, it is translated by Mariano.

Markel: Name proposed in the Santoral that comes from Martzelo.


Names For Boys Starting With N

Negu: Related to a season of the year and a mythological being.

Neketi: Name of medieval origin popularized during the 20th century.

Nikanor: Literally, it means “victorious man”.


Names For Boys Starting With O

Odei: Poetic and mystical name related to nature.

Oier: Name of medieval origin referring to a brave man.

Oihan: It means “forest”.

Oinatz: Concerning the forces of nature.


Names For Boys Starting With P

Paken: Basque equivalent name of Paciano. San Paciano was bishop of Barcelona in the 4th century.

Patxi: Derived from Frantzisko,but it is also used quite frequently as an equivalent of Castilian Francisco.

Praisku: Equivalent to Castilian Francisco.


Names For Boys Starting With S

Sanduru: Name of medieval origin.

Semenko: Name of mystical connotations.

Seniko: It comes from the name of Senicco.


Names For Boys Starting With U

Uhaitz: Literally, it means “river”.

Ukerdi: Name that comes from a town located in the surroundings of Belagua.

Unai: Common name that means “cowboy”, “cowherd”.

Unax: Name related to nature and bravery.

Untzalu: It is the equivalent to the Spanish Gonzalo.

Urki: It means “birch”, a tree with a white bark.

Uztai: It means “ring”, “rim” or “crown”.


Names For Boys Starting With X

Xabier: Name very similar to Catalan Xavier and that refers to a town and castle in Navarra. It means “house”.

Xuban: Name of Roman origin related to courage.

Xurio: Basque name of medieval origin variant of Txurio.


Names For Boys Starting With Z

Zain: Common name that in Basque means “root”, “vein”, “artery” and “vigilante”.

Zeian: Name of medieval origin related to bravery.

Zuhaitz: Common name that means “tree”.


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