Basque Girl Names: 100+ Basque Names For Girls

Basque Girl Names: Basque Names For Girls


Do you have a list with the names that you like the most for your daughter? Do you and your partner like Basque girl names? If you need to get inspired, don’t worry. We offer you a complete list of the 100 most popular Basque girl names and the meaning of each name.

One of the things that excite parents to be the most, is choosing the baby’s name. Some have it very clear from the start, others doubt more, but, in the end, everyone ends up finding the perfect name for their child. If you and your partner are still in the phase of searching for name lists and taking note of the preferred ones, we can help you.

Today, there are a thousand and one possibilities for baby names: names of children rare and original, in foreign languages such as English names, Greek, Japanese, Italian or Arabic. Among so many possibilities, what do you think of Basque girls’ names?

We will help you find yours, with a complete list of Basque girl names, and their meanings.


Basque girl names
Basque girl names


Basque Girl Names

Listed below are the most popular Basque girl names with meanings.


Basque Girl Names Starting With A

Aida: Variant of the name of Germanic origin Asalais and feminine of the Aide, a genius who according to Basque mythology helps and hinders men.

Aimara: Medieval name, feminine equivalent of Aimar.

Ainara: It means “bird”, specifically “swallow” and represents the arrival of spring.

Ainhoa: Name of the town of Lapurdi (French Basque Country).

Alaia: Literally, it means “joy.”

Alazne: Name proposed in Santoral as the equivalent of Castilian Milagro.

Amaia: Name of somewhat diaphanous meaning; “end” or “end”.

Amuna: Basque name widely documented in Navarra from the 11th century.

Ane: It comes from the Hebrew Hannah, which means “grace”. Spanish is Ana

Aroa: Name with different meanings; “season”, “season of the year”, “right time” and “weather”.

Arantxa: Name that comes from Arantzazu.


Girl Names Starting With B

Baiza: Name of a summit (1,183 m) of the Sierra de Andia (Navarra).

Bakea: It comes from the name Bake and means “peace”.

Balbina: Literally, it means “stutter”.

Batiste: Name proposed in the Santoral and that is related to Uguzne.


Girl Names Starting With E

Egia: Name of the Virgin of the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Deierri Valley.

Eider: Eideard is a Gaelic (Scottish and Irish) variant of Edward’s masculine name.

Eitzaga: Name related to the Zumarraga neighborhood.

Elaia: Name that refers to a bird that comes to us from Africa and represents spring

Elbire: Name proposed in the Santoral as equivalent of the Castilian Elvira.

Enara: Name of beautiful pronunciation that comes from Ainara and Elaia.

Enea: Poetic name that is synonymous with Nerea.


Girl Names Starting With G

Gabone: Female variant of Gabon.

Gadea: Name that is a variant of Águeda.

Gaia: Name that comes from Gea, which means “Earth”.

Gala: Very feminine name, related to beauty and beauty.


Girl Names Starting With H

Haitza: Literally, it means “rock” and has the names of Harkaitza and Atxa as variants.

Haizea: Name emerged in recent years by analogy with names like Edurne. The base is haize, which means “wind”.

Hegoa: In Basque mythology, Hegoa is the daughter of the northeast wind and wife of the south wind Hegoi.

Hirune: Derived from the name of Irune, which in Spanish is Trinidad.


Girl Names Starting With I

Idoia: Name dedicated to the virgin of the Ermita de Izaba (Navarra), who healed headaches.

Igarne: Its derived names are Anuntxi, Deñe and Iragartze.

Irantzu: Name of the Virgin of the Monastery of Our Lady created in Abartzuza (Navarra) in 1174.

Irati: Name of the Virgin of Irati or Las Nieves, whose hermitage is located next to the river of her name.

Iradi: Name of a very common plant in Euskal Herria. Its variants are Garoa, Iradi, Iratsa and Iratze.

Izar: Nice name of the distant stars that shine in the clear night, which means “star”.

Izaro: Name dedicated to the Virgin of the Island of Bermeo (Vizcaya).

Ixone: Related to nature and good work.


Girl Names Starting With J

Jaione: Euskérico equivalent of Castilian Natividad.

Jone: Name proposed in the Santoral as the Basque equivalent of the Spanish Juana.


Girl Names Starting With K

Kaiene: Name emerged by analogy. It is composed of “Kaie” and the modern feminine suffix “-ne”.

Karine: Name proposed in the Santoral as the equivalent of Carina, from the Italian Catalina.

Katarine: Name that in Spanish is Catalina.

Koruko: Name that derives from Koro.


Girl Names Starting With L

Leire, Leyre: Name dedicated to the Virgin of Leire.

Lorea: This name has three different origins: a common word, “flower”, a hermitage from the Basque Country and a character from Navarro’s novel Villoslada Amaya.


Girl Names Starting With M

Maialen: Variant of Maddalen and common name.

Maider: It is the union of Mari and Eder, which means “beautiful”.

Maitane: It is a variant of Maite.

Maite: Name of Basque origin that comes from the Basque adjective maitea, maitatua, which means “loved”.

Mara: Derived from Marauri, a town in Uda.

Maren: Designate a lucky woman.

Milia: Frequent name in the Middle Ages.


Girl Names Starting With N

Naia, Nahia: Literally, it means “desire.”

Naiara, Naiare: Name that comes from Nájera, a town that is documented as Naiara.

Naroa: Basque adjective that means “abundant”. On the Gipuzkoan coast, it is equivalent to “lasai” (calm, calm).

Nerea: Common word denoting property, “mine”.

Nora: Literally, it means “noble”.


Girl Names Starting With O

Oihana, Oihane: Name related to the Roman goddess Silvia and the forest.

Olaia: It comes from the Greek name Eulalia, which means “the one who speaks well”.


Girl Names Starting With S

Saioa: Well-known mountain located between Baztan and Kintoa.

Santzia: Medieval name that has Andreantsa, Antsa, Santsa and Santxa as variants.

Sarabe: Name related to the forest where the Hermitage of Aitziber is located in Urdiain.

Sorne: Literally, it means “conception”.


Girl Names Starting With T

Taresa: Variant of Teresa, name widely used in the Middle Ages.

Tekale: Literally, it means “key”.

Tome: Name proposed in Santoral as a derivative of Tomasa.


Girl Names Starting With U

Udane: It comes from Uda, which means “summer”.

Uguzne: Name based on the ugutz neologism, “baptism”, and that designates the entry of Jesus Christ into the Church.

Unaisa: It means “shepherdess”.

Uria: Poetic name with mystical connotations.

Usune: Girl of fortune and great beauty.


Girl Names Starting With X

Xare: Define a pretty woman with a good heart.

Xuhare: Mystical name related to nature.


Girl Names Starting With Z

Zaiñe: Literally, it means “sponsorship”.

Zaita: It comes from the name of Azazeta.

Zorione: Name that literally means “happiness”.

Zuia: Related to the Hermitage of Our Lady of Monreal de Zuia (Álava).


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