Austrian Surnames – Austrian last names and meanings

The Most Popular Austrian Surnames


The most popular  or common Austrian surnames are very similar to those of Germany, and the vast majority are equally popular in Germany. Family names that describe a profession or a place of residence are particularly common in Austria. Job titles would be, for example, Wagner, Weber and Müller. Designations of residence or place of origin come from a place name, for example a farm or a village. Examples of this are Gruber, Winkler and Steiner.

It will come as no surprise that Austrian last names are largely of German origin, as German is largely spoken in Austria. This is because Germany and Austria were once united, up until 1866. Even after the break up of the union, German influence remained in Austria, which can be seen to this day.

We have collated for you, a list of the most common Austrian last names and their meanings. Enjoy!

Austrian Surnames
Austrian Surnames


Most Common Austrian Surnames and Meanings

Listed below are the most common Austrian last names, along with their meanings.

Gruber – One who lives in the valley
Huber – Land-owning farmer
Bauer – Farmer
Wagner – Wainwright
Müller – Miller
Pichler – Someone who lives on or by a hill.
Steiner – Someone who dwells by the stone.
Moser – Someone who lives on moorland.
Mayer/Mayr/Maier – A variant of the popular last name, Meier
Hofer – A steward, property or horse maintainer.
Leitner – Someone who lives at a hillside.
Berger – Someone who lives in the mountains.
Fuchs – Fox
Eder – One who lives in a barren land.
Fischer – Fisher
Schmidt/Schmid – Occupational German last name meaning Blacksmith.
Winkler –  Small trader
Weber – Weaver
Schwarz – Black
Schneider – Tailor
Reiter – Horse rider
Wimmer – A wine merchant
Egger – Ploughman
Brunner – Water Well Worker
Lang – Long
Baumgartner – Forrester
Binder – Cooper
Wolf – Wolf
Wallner – Forest dweller Waldenare.
Aigner – Allodial title
Lehner – A feudal land holder.
Haas – Hare
Schuster – Cobbler
Heilig – Holy



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