The Best Muslim Last Names

Muslim Last Names

The Best Popular Muslim Last Names Muslim last names are found far and wide, all over the globe. These names transgress nationality or ethnicity as Islam is what all these name holders have in common. They have beautiful meanings and usually originate from Islamic history. For example, the world’s most …

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Most Common and Popular Indian Last Names

Indian Last Names

Indian Last Names – Common and Popular Indian last names are found all over the globe. They are traditionally passed down from generation to generation, and are extremely important in distinguishing ones identity. The Indian last name is usually unique to the family as it reveals the individuals caste (something …

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Most Common Russian Last Names

Russian Last Names

How to Russian Last Names Work? The Russian language is a beautiful and creative language. It’s complexity and almost poetic form means that using just the one base word, you can create numerous variations of different meanings. So, it’s not exactly surprising that this can be reflected in Russian last …

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Most Common Korean Last Names

Common Korean Last Names

Most Common Korean Last Names If you know anything about Korean last names, you will be well aware that almost 50% of the Korean population share the same 3 common last names. These are Kim, Lee and Park. The most common or most popular Korean last names after these 3, …

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Most Common Japanese Last Names And Meanings

Japanese Last Names

Most Common Japanese Last Names And Meaning Top 50 There are an estimated 100,000 last names in Japan, a vast number in comparison to most Western countries. Also, considering Korea (Most Common Korean Last Names), one of Japan’s neighboring Asian countries, has a mere 200 last names, the sheer difference …

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