Arabic Girl Names – Best Arabic Names For Girls

Arabic Girl Names – Best Arabic Names For Girls


Arabic names for girls have a crazy charm, with their soft tones. Tender and harmonious, they are often short and have beautiful meanings. Arabic girl names are real jewelry. They are tender and melodious, with their ending in “a”, such as Samia and Anissa. And many are rather short, like Alya and Lina. Finally, their meanings are charming, like Soraya which means “beauty of the stars” or Kenza, from a term designating a “treasure”.

We have put together for you a list of Arabic girl names, to help you choose the best name for your little girl.


Arabic girl names
Arabic girl names


Popular Arabic Girl Names

Listed below are the most popular Arabic girl names and their meanings.



Here is a name full of meaning! Indeed, it means “source of life”, “wealth” in Arabic and “which belongs to the Lord” in Latin. Some will replace the “i” with a “y”.


Meaning “noble” and “honorable” in Arabic, this Arabic name for girls comes from the word nabala (“pride”, “greatness of soul”, figuratively).


This very popular first name in the Maghreb, but also in Slavic countries. This Arabic girls name has three etymologies. In Arabic, it means “the one who proclaims loudly”, in Latin “hope in expectation”, and finally “hope” in Russian.


This first name comes from the Arabic word al layl , “at night”. It is also the title of the 92nd Surah. Leila means more exactly “born during the night”. It is also written Leïla or Laïla.


Short, with an ending in “a”, this first name has everything to please! It comes from the divine name Ali and from the word ala , designating the action of rising.


In Arabic, this first name means “to rejoice” or “to find tranquility”. This term is also used as a congratulation or a wish for happiness. Hana also means “flower” in Japanese and “grace” in Hebrew.


This Arabic girls name means “healthy” or “intact”.


Fatma means, in Arabic, “little camel that has just been weaned”. This female given name is a derivative of Fatima. The latter, daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, married Ali, the fourth Caliph of Islam.


Coming from the Arabic word  al aïch, meaning “existence” or “life”, the first name Aïcha means “she who will live” or “vitality”. Some will prefer the Aïsha version. In the Quran, Aisha, daughter of Abubakr, is the third wife of the Prophet Muhammad.


Asma originates from the word assama meaning “to preserve”, “to guarantee” and “infallible”. This first name means precisely “sublime”, “high ranking” in Arabic.


This first name, meaning “dew”, comes from the word an nada (morning dew). Figuratively, this term refers to generosity. Furthermore, in Russian, this first name means “hope”.


A flower first name! This small feminine name, meaning “flower” and “luminous whiteness”, comes from the Arabic word az zahar (flower).


This first name means “rich” and “noble” in Arabic. The little name has been popularized in the world by Queen Rania of Jordan.


This name is a derivative of the Arabic name Thorayya, which means “beauty of the stars”.


Meaning “hope”, this first name is a beautiful and meaningful Arabic name for girls.


Meaning “belief” and “faith” in Arabic, this is just one of many breathtaking Arabic names for girls. Among its variants, we find Immane, Iman, Imanne, or Imenne.


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