Arabic Boy Names – Best Arabic Names For Boys

Arabic Boy Names – Arabic Names For Boys


Arabic boy names have a crazy charm with their oriental tones. Soft and harmonious, they have very pretty meanings, and are beautiful first names to offer your child. Arabic names for boys are sweet and melodious, with their ending in “el” or “i”, such as Abdul and Medhi. Many are rather short, like Ali, Omar and Saïd. But many have more than six letters, Mohammed for example. Finally, their meanings are charming, like Mustafa, that is to say “the chosen one” or “the favorite”, and Jamel, which means “of great physical and moral beauty”. In short, they have multiple advantages.

Whether to pay tribute to its origins, or because we love the beauty of their sounds, these names are great gifts to give to a little boy. Here are some Arabic names for boys, which will seduce you!

Arabic Boy Names
Arabic Boy Names


Arabic Boy Names

Listed below are the most popular Arabic boy names, with their meanings.



This first name comes from the name which means “high”. It is very popular among Muslims.


This name comes from the Arabic word hamida meaning “to give glory”. It is a very popular name in the Muslimwotld. Mohammad more precisely means “worthy of praise”, “praised”, “worthy”. It pays homage to the great prophet of Islam. Mohammed is also a common Arabic last name for girls. This name has many variants, such as: Mohammed, Mohamed, Mouhammed, Muhamed, Muhammet, Mhamed, Mouhammad,


This pretty first name means “servant of God”. Some will fall for Abdul, Abdallah, Abdulaziz Adel, Abdela, Abdulla.


“The most illustrious” is the meaning of this first name. In the Quran, Jesus (Issa) announces the coming of the Prophet Mohammed under the name of Ahmed. Worn by many saints, this first name is very popular in the Muslim world.


Coming from the word “khalada” (“to keep long”, “to last forever”, in Arabic), this first name means “eternal”.


A beautiful Arabic name for boys! Indeed, in Arabic, Hassan means “beautiful”.


Ramazan/Ramadhan makes reference to the ninth month of the Muslim year dedicated to fasting and prayer. Etymologically, this first name comes from the word “ramidha” meaning “to burn”, “burning”. In the religious sense, “ramadhan” therefore means “to burn one’s sins”. For girls, you can opt for Ramdah, meaning in Arabic “that which is purified by Ramadhan”.


“Just” is the meaning of this first name. Adil comes from the Arabic word “adala” meaning “to judge”, “to pronounce with equity”. Some parents will prefer Adel or Adlane.


The Arabic boys name Bilal, means “water” or “refreshment”. An important figure in the Muslim religion, Bilal was in fact a black slave freed by Abu Bakr, the first caliph of Islam. Around the year 600, Bilal became the first muezzin (person calling the faithful to prayer) of Islam.


Multicultural, the first name has Arab and Hebrew origins. It is also the Greek version of the first name John. If it means “God forgive” in Hebrew, it would be a contraction of the little Arabic names Anis and Yassin.


This Arabic boys name means “the chosen one” or “the preferred”. It has many spelling variations, all meaning the same thing. They are as follows; Mustafa, Mustapha, Mostapha or Mostafa.


A great classic of the genre, this Arabic name for boys means “guide enlightened by God” in Arabic.


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