List of Angel Names and Their Meaning

Amazing Angel Names – Male and Female Angel Names


In the Bible and other sacred religious books, it is often indicated the presence and appearance of winged beings who come to help men at key moments in their lives, or to teach and guide.
Archangels are the direct expression of God with whom they work closely. Angel names are divine and have beautiful meanings behind them.

Their teaching is: to be in the true love of life for you and all others, and radiate the expression of the divine which is in you, put into action your powers and spiritual qualities. Each archangel has a specific vibration. By experiencing their energy of love, a process of transformation and healing is activated so that our Soul can harmonize with our being.

Angel Names
Angel Names


What is a Guardian Angel?

The guardian angel is a tutelary spirit, that is to say an entity that watches over our destiny in a beneficial way. There are many forces which cross the universe, the guardian angel is part of the beneficial forces, which bring us only good things, and positive. It protects us from illness , accidents and sin.

We have compiled for you a list of all the angels and their job roles.


List of Angel Names and Their Job Role

Afriel: Angel and Protector of Children and Youth.

Ariel: Meaning “Lion of God”,  Ariel is the Angel of nature.

Cassiel: The Angel of tears and temperance.

Charmeine: The Angel of harmony.

Dina: The Angel of learning.

Gavreel: The Angel of peace and guidance.

Michael: The Angel of loyalty.

Gabriel: The Angelic messenger of God.

Raphael: The Angel of healing.

Micah: The Angel of miracles and the Divine plan.

Uriel: The Angel of creativity. Meaning “God is my light.”

Forfax: The Angel of astronomy.

Hadraniel: The Angel of love, name meaning “Majesty of God.”

Jophiel: The Angel of enlightenment.

Lailah: The Angel of conception.

Manakel: The Angel of peace.

Nathaniel: The Angel of fire, name meaning “Gift of God.”

Ramiel: The Angel of thunder.

Sariel: The Angel of guidance, name meaning “God’s command.”

Sachael: The Angel of water and purity.

Tabbris: The Angel of self-determination and free will.

Paschar: The Angel of vision and sight.

Zuriel: The Angel of harmony, equilibrium.

Zuphlas: The Angel of trees that protects forests and trees.

Zadkiel: The Angel of prayer and mercy.


Female Angel Names Ideas:

Do you want an angelic baby name for your beautiful baby girl? These are the best angel names for girls. Take a look!









Gabrielle – Female version of the angel Gabriel.






Lani – The Hawaiian word for heavenly.


Rapahela – The Female version of angel Raphael.



Male Angel Names Ideas:

Taken after the angels, these are the best angel names for boys. Take a look!


Evangelos – Greek name which means good messenger.




Malach – Hebrew for Angel




Ramiel – Thunder of God



Zerachiel – God’s command

Engel – German word for angel

Zadkiel – Angel of mercy and benevolence



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